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10 Best Yify Movies Torrent Proxy Sites and Alternatives 2021

Yify torrent is an online movie streaming platform that allows users to download movies free of cost. Its highlight feature is offering rich quality audio and sound with HD quality. Yify provides screen resolution ranging 720p and 1080p. You can rollover any genre and category of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and even eBooks.

Despite so many pros of yify movie online torrent. There are a lot of cons too that make users look up at its alternative of yify torrents.

Torrent sites are always under scrutiny from law enforcement agencies. Illegal and unsafe environments make yify torrent prone to the risk of shut down. Yts blocked has been a real task for users, caused due to plenty of illegal claims and allegation, government block yts from many countries and IP addresses, due to which yts unblocking is next to impossible task. This prohibits users of that particular area unable to use yify torrent. 

But if you are worried about losing your free torrent platform where you had been streaming all your favourite movies, then no need to worry at all, Our article is here with the top 10 best yify movies torrent proxy sites and alternatives 2021, which gives the equal rich quality of sound and audio all free of cost as yify torrent. 

Top 10 Best Yify Movies Torrent Proxy Sites and Alternatives 2021


1337 is the best alternative for downloading torrent movies in replacement to yify movies. This site gives you an impressive visual appeal as it is organize in a very clean and easy way. it starts from the index page to search results with a category layout of all genre movies and shows. Due to its credibility, 1337x serves a large audience. Here you receive an offer to browse movies, anime, TV shows, games, music, etc.

Kickass torrent

This torrent website is already popular among people.  it has been one of the best choices of 2021 as an alternative to the yify torrent. they are organized into the torrent catalogue, most popular, top choice genre, etc. Original torrent sites have been shut down long ago. But many other several daughter sites got born with the same domain name.


Rarbg is one of the best alternatives to yify as they provide a healthy collection of torrents with ample seeders. They too are into an organized structure with a bit of description about the content and fulfil the need for rich quality audio and video.

Lime torrent

Lime torrent keeps on updating their website every then and now which makes this website up to the mark from time to time. Users can get update and current movies here.


it is the new name in the torrent world but putting up all the efforts and quality to be the best option in the race. They have a separate section for the most seeded torrent.


This website is free of any external culprits like malware that makes it a safe place for users. It offers movies, eBooks, anime, TV shows, etc. 

Torrents. to

Its best feature is that it provides similar links to searched links that gives users a wide range of choices. This website has recently switched its domain from torrents.io to torrents.to recently.

ETTV Torrents

This website is known for its vast options for TV shows. If you are more into TV shows and want to download any of the TV shows whether new, old and updated, you’ll find it here on ETTV easily.


This website fails to give an appealing interface. But is somewhat satisfying in searching and downloading content. However, a few times back, Google claimed this website was illegal but recently they gave the green card its legality. 


The highlight of this website is that you can move the downloaded files to your cloud files which won’t resist staying dependent on limits of downloading it again and again. 

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