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10 Most Popular 3D Virtual Event Platforms in 2022

As soon as the year changes, you can analyze tons of technology upgrades. That’s why it is essential to learn and use the advanced features for your every business work. 3D virtual events are just like that to give the attendees an experience of an in-person event.

It basically works on the avatar creation as you just have to choose how you want to look, and here you are all ready to explore the virtual event and every booth and secession of it.

Looking for the best 3D virtual event solution? Here is a complete list to choose the best one and start your ultimate experience today.


Dreamcast is the best virtual event platform that can help you reach the global audience sitting at your home. It creates 360 virtual event experiences using their 3D effect. You can notch up the level of your virtual events with multiple networking & engagement features to develop an impactful impression. They offer the chance to create a customizable interface & design dynamic banners while keeping the animated light in the lobby or including impressive GIFs

It is the best alternative to physical events as you can experience the same sitting at your home with Dreamcast 3D virtual event platform. You can interact & connect with potential leads seamlessly, just like the actual physical event.

Rather than the 3D feature of Dreamcast, you can get various elements that make the virtual event experience just like in person are as follows:

Photo Booths

Twitter Wall

Mosaic Wall

Analytics Tools

Easy Navigation

Access Control

Networking Tool

Engagement Tool

AR & VR Games

Dynamic Banners

Live Notifications

Easy Registration

Digital Footprinting

Robust Data Tracking

External Integrations

No Audience Capping

Seamless Networking

Ai Matchmaking Tool

Custom Landing Pages

B2b Meeting Scheduler

Browser-Based Solutions

Customized Environment

DIY Booth Button Icons & Names

Customizable Virtual Exhibitor Booths

Engagement In Audi Via Emoticons


Avianet is the best virtual event platform that provides an absolutely new experience to all the attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors with their 2D & 3D technologies. It is one of the companies that conduct a virtual venue for different events. All you need to do is set up your avatar and get ready to entire the 3D virtual world to experience a completely different aspect and endure the new world.

You can organize trade shows, roadshows, B2B/B2c meetings, sales kick-off meetings, or live panel discussions with the latest 3D model at Avianet. It offers excellent features, such as global availability, digitally-driven interaction, and unique online events.


The Outrealxr is the 3D virtual event platform that can be helpful to create an interactive and communicative experience for the attendees, just like a real-life experience. You can get access to each other’s contact information that can help you make video calls, voice calls, and text chats. It is a customizable platform that you can brand as your own requirements. You can implement various functions like analytics reports, games, surveys, and other features.

All you need is a good Internet connection, and you are good to access the event from anywhere in the world.


Airmeet is the best virtual event platform that can be the best choice to connect, communicate, and network with your customers and prospects in the 3D virtual world. It creates and provides a virtual venue filled with rich interactions and engagements to help you inform, inspire, and collaborate with your customers. It makes reaching the global audience easy with the in-built polls, Q&As, and exceptional interaction tools.


Hexafair is an incredibly extensible and adaptable 3D virtual event platform that can add a great spark to your virtual meetings, conferences, shows, and other events. It provides the leading software tools Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SalesForce CRM, Hubspot CRM integrations to make your virtual event more fun. They can help you with on-demand content and a seamless virtual event experience to increase attendance to fulfill your brand needs.



Mootup is one of the best virtual event platforms that have advanced their service by adding 3D effects to their conducted virtual event. However, you can leverage the present content, websites, videos, PDF, and 3D objects for a more engaging virtual exhibitor booth. With 360 degree images and video environments, you can fulfill the various requirements of your event.


You can host various trade fairs, job fairs, conferences, summits, and business events virtually with 360 degree and 3D effects using the best virtual event platform, Grupofair. But it is a 100% authentic, reliable & secure 3D virtual event platform with a high-end virtual reality experience that can give your attendees the same in-person event feel. You can lock your same resembling avatar using KYC authentication.

Eve Virtual


Eve Virtual is the best virtual event platform that shares knowledge, innovation, bespoke customization, and creativity via virtual exhibitions, meetings, trade shows, conferences, and other events. However, They offer a 3D virtual environment for attendees to leave a lasting impression on the attendees and exhibitors.



You can find buyers, drive sales opportunities, and develop lasting relationships with your attendees using the best virtualevent platform, Vmeets. It will help you turn out the participants’ prospects in the near future with a 3D effect in your virtual event. Moreover, Their team of experts will create exciting and custom landing pages for your virtual event that reflect the company description and other relevant information as per the exhibitors’ requirements.



Xporium is the best virtual event platform that can be helpful for you to reach an audience across the world. But you can fulfill your event purpose with in-built features and exceptional service by Xporium. Moreover, it is the best way for the purchasers to connect with suppliers online. It can help to develop a significant association and seamless purchasing experience. Moreover, The innovation and technology will make you feel innovative and the same as the physical event.

So, these are the top 10 most popular 3d virtual event platforms in 2022. It can help small to mid and large-scale businesses to conduct the best experience virtual event. You can choose any of the above to experience the technology you have never before.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to choose the best 3D virtual event company in 2022. For more engaging and interactive virtual events.

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