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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Depot

When we talk about retail hardware, Home Depot comes first into mind. At the same time, it was founded in 1878 and became the go-to place for many homeowners and constructors also. The company’s history goes back to 1978, when its first store was opened in Atlanta. It was founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brillstein, and Pat Farrah. It’s a fact, and homes are not just made of wood. Home Depot would be the first choice if you want to have some home accessories with the latest technology association.

It is the largest company in the world for home improvement retailers. While its headquarter is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. It has a great worth of company employees. It approximately serves customers in all 50 states through its retail stores. If you want customers to care help, you can visit their website, mobile application, catalogs, and call centers.

Home Depot Huge Warehouses

When we talk about its stores, it has a huge warehouse. They always look for a massive building to find a huge warehouse as their store. While according to their plenty of services, they always have stored with plenty of floor space and height to stack their thousands of products. The average Home Depot near Me has a floor area of 105000 square feet. At the same time, they have many stores that are significantly larger than this. The company’s largest store includes almost everything to meet all of the customer’s needs, and it is located in New Jersey, United States in Union.

One of the biggest warehouses is located in Anaheim Hills in California. This store has a wide floor area of 204000 square feet. Meanwhile, if it covers almost 50 states and entertains its customers, you can think of its warehouses and stores and plenty of services.

Different Brand Slogans

Every brand has its own identity and slogan. Customers look at the slogan of the product and know their manufacturers. It catches the attention of the consumers and indicates the type of company it represents. This technique is often used to target a wider area market to stand out as a powerful brand against their competitors. If you are running a business, your company slogan will be remaining with your products as identity till the company operates its manufacturing.

When we talk about The Home Depot, they have continuously changed their slogan repeatedly. Some of their previous slogans are The Home Depot: First in Home Improvement, The Home Depot, Low Prices are just the beginning, and when you are at the Home Depot. And in 2003, its name was changed to You Can Do It.  After that, its name was again changed to We Can Help in 2009. And their current slogan is More Saving, More Doing.

Online Home Improvement Market

In this advanced era where everything is going to be online, it also operates online. Its online business was appreciated and hugely gone successful. It has plenty of followers and daily approximately 120 million visitors to its websites annually. Furthermore, it has a wide range of products online, almost all kinds of necessary products. It has approximately 40,000 different products that make them successful as an online dominant.

If you are looking for home gadgets, you can sign up for making a purchase online by visiting their websites. The number of products available on their website is more than 250000, and these products will be delivered to your home in a very short time. Using Home Depot Credit Card, you can make the transaction easy for online shopping. These items can be delivered to your nearest stores for collection.

 Home Depot Expanding Internationally

Every business wants to grow more and more. As we all know, Home Depot Com has been successful in the United States, and they also want to expand their services across the world. It was initially started in Canada and Mexico, and it got huge success in online business. While launching the business in Mexico was a hugely successful movie, and now they are having their business in almost 50 states.

It has more than 35000 workers in Canada and approximately 180 stores. While not all of their ventures have been successful, but they are trying their best to the best. They have put them off to expand internationally in the future. Moreover, they are currently making their strategies to grow up as a whole market online in almost all countries.

They have Never Been Successful in Chinese Market

When we talk about the success of the company, it has been landing successfully across the world, but there is one market in the world they can’t be able to take over. The Chinese market has beat it to expand their business in China. When China was experiencing real estate, they tried to launch their business and take over the Chinese market but failed.

They opened seven stores in different areas in China to cover all the customer’s satisfaction, but their international expansion was failed, and all seven stores were closed soon. The reason behind failure is, the people in China believe in Do It Yourself. They also launch their department as Home Depot Health Check, but Chines always believe in exercise and more work to maintain their health.

Targeting Market

When we talk about the brands Home Depot House products to be sold across the world, it is frequently asked that if they target only home appliances? The answer is, no, they don’t only sell home improvements products, but almost all necessary things of daily life. They provide almost all kinds of products that customers see on the shelves, equipment, and supplies for decorating. All kind of products are available on these kinds of stores. Especially regarding to plumbing, gardening etc.

They have short-term ranges of products for sale too in their stores. They also provide:

  • A jerky gun.
  • A potty training kit.
  • Viking corded phone.
  • A brownie-making machine.
  • Pink flamingo statues.
  • A heat clip set for hair extension as their Home Depot Stock.

Supporting United States Military

At the very first this company is growing up internationally and was earning too much revenue. So later on it was deploying in philanthropic causes. They have their department for a charity named as Home Depot Foundation. Since this foundation was made, it has donated millions of dollars in the form of money, materials, and the Home Depot Hours. Many of the organizations have benefited from this organization. This acts as World Bank among many companies to funding and helping them to stand out.

They are supporting the California-based City of Hope National Medical Center and Habitat for Humanity. It has always supported charities for the United States military. They offer a 10 % discount to the military member for each sale.

More Environmentally Conscious

As we all know, pollution is one of the biggest problems trending in the world. To overcome this movement has taken too many steps. Like other companies following the government’s suggestion to take over the pollution, it is also taking steps to reduce their carbon. Environmental awareness is something that can affect the environment. People also criticize this company for not being serious about overcoming this problem and not doing enough to promote responsible chemical waste, lumbar, and plumbing initiatives.

They also have committed themselves to the environment and have pledged to become industry leaders by selling plenty of products that are no more health problems as waste. They have taken their responsibilities and improved their reputation with regards to the environment.

Excellent Customer Service by Home Depot

Every business has some reasons and techniques to be successful. It is successfully running across the world. And they are expanding their business more and more. They have been serving their customers with almost all of the necessary products. It is not just about selling lots of products and making money, but their mission is to produce all customers demanded products and improve their quality on the customer’s feedback. Business becomes successful due to customer strength and their feedbacks.

While they have lots of strategies to ensure that their customers are happy, they offer low prices and introduce the Home Depot Credit Card Login facility for online shopping. This is an ongoing service to give relaxation in price, and this is the only thing that helps them to beat their competitors.

Funding Different Departments

As we all know that Home Depot has a big name in the market. They are worthy of branding, taking over their competitor, and earning huge profits. They also funded different departments to stand up and meet their goals. It was first started and involved at Duke University. They are funding them to Build Home Depot Career. This project is involved in engineering students from upper-class backgrounds living in a specially designed home on campus. This includes home technology, security and monitoring devices, communications, entertainment, and energy efficiency.

As a company, it always has its best to support athletes from the United States. They also supported Olympians by giving them an Olympians job opportunity program. They work there and struggle to work as most jobs don’t offer the flexibility they need to combine a working life and training program.


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