3 SEO Network Optimisation Tips for Your Website

3 Useful Tips for SEO Network Optimisation

I believe everyone has heard of “blogs” and many people are also using blogs to record their daily lives. However, for new webmasters, it is easy to write a blog to record their learning experience and share knowledge and experience. A few months later, I was beaten back to its original form. Because of the limitations of my own SEO skills, the rankings could not be improved. Even if I did it, there was no conversion. So today XocialMe will bring you the three most effective blog optimisation techniques to share with you hope useful for everyone.

1. Reject “zombie” blogs or websites

How to do SEO optimisation? After reading this SEO optimisation plan carefully, you can optimise your website. As we all know, when doing SEO optimisation, content plays a decisive role in the ranking of websites no matter what era, so blog content must be updated regularly, high-quality, and planned. This is not only able to win the respect of search engines, but also the best way to attract users. Users tend to prefer to click on the latest content first, so update them in time.

In addition, with the continuous upgrading of Baidu’s algorithm, it is easier for Baidu to tilt traffic under the same conditions for high-quality websites that are regularly updated, so zombie content must be rejected in blog optimisation.

2. Do demand SEO analysis & research

Both companies and individuals will do demand analysis, it is easy for us to understand the user’s preferences and needs. So that we can do more content. Similarly, SEO blog optimisation is generally a little more content. But if you can do a demand analysis, you can understand which types of articles users like. Also, you can make plans to update the content. The main purpose of the update is to attract users to increase traffic, and demand analysis is an indispensable procedure.

3. The SEO content should be refined

For the optimisation of SEO blogs, we must first know what style our blog is, and then learn from more similar blogs. Because there are a lot of essential content, which inspires our thinking, and we must persist in the later development. In this way, your blog will have high content quality and many users will repeat customers. Only the best content will win the trust of users and the love of search engines.

What effect does it have on SEO Optimisation?

Web page snapshots can assist in viewing the layout of keywords and help website SEO optimisation. Attentive friends will find that when we open a web page snapshot. We can find that the searched keywords are highlighted on the page. So, it is easy to grasp the keyword layout of the indexed web pages. Also, there are also It helps to improve and set keywords during SEO optimisation, and it can also improve user experience.


To sum up, in this fast food era, the development of everything is in a rapid iteration stage. If you don’t pay attention, your blog may be out! When many people are at a loss, they can only blindly pursue quantity. However, this is will not help any. Because the core of SEO blog optimisation is content, only by doing the content first and considering other external optimisation factors. This can be more helpful than ranking and conversion.

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