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5 Essential Principle of Web Design

The principles of web design are based on the psychology of how people interact with websites. This is a powerful tool for designers to use in order to understand what makes visitors want to do certain things, or click on specific buttons. The three main parts are color, space, and font size/typeface as these all play a role in the effectiveness of your website’s overall design. These elements work together to make your website look professional and appealing which will lead to increased conversion rates or more visitors interested in purchasing your product.

Usability to achieve goals:


The web page should be obvious and self-explanatory. When you create a site, your job is to get rid of the question marks; the decisions users need to make consciously considering pros, cons, and alternatives. If there are confusing navigation tools that result in more questions or if it’s hard for visitors to find their way around on the website then they will become frustrated quickly with what appears as an overwhelming amount of information. A clear structure can help them achieve their goal without feeling lost along the way by providing moderate visual clues like easily recognizable links between pages so they know where everything belongs.

Here’s a great formula for a web design company: reduce cognitive load, make the system easy to understand and show off its benefits. If people can’t find their way around your website or grasp what it does in just one glance then they won’t use it – period.


Undemanding for audience:


Working as a web design agency, when you need to offer a visitor of your site some service or tool, try to keep the user requirements minimal. What is easier for users? The fewer actions they have to take in order for them to use it, the more likely that random visitors will actually want and go through with using what’s offered on your website. First-time visitors are willing to do just about anything without having too much information required from them because they might never come back again – so let their curiosity lead the way! Don’t force first time visitors into entering private data like an email address when testing out features by not asking for one up front; this makes sense as no emails would be stored if someone decided against creating any account after applying whatever feature was being tested.

For any website design company in dubai, instead of requiring the user to complete a rigorous registration process before entering your site, make it quick and easy by only asking for their email address. This will do two things: reduce navigational barriers so you don’t lose traffic from frustrated users; allow them to quickly sign up using an autofill form on mobile devices with just one click.


Engaging via visual/content:


The human eye is an entirely non-linear system, and this is why web users are able to identify edges, patterns or motion in the blink of an eye. This makes for highly distracting advertisements like those that use video material as a way to capture user attention.

Websites provide both static and dynamic content, some aspects of the user interface attract attention more than others do. Obviously, images are more eye-catching than text – just as sentences marked in bold font catch our eyes better than plain text does. The human eye is a highly nonlinear device that allows web users to instantly recognize edges, patterns and motion – which is why video based advertisements are extremely annoying but from an advertising perspective they capture your attention perfectly well, different web agencies such as Techbay Solutions deploy this strategy.

Focusing users’ attention to specific areas of the site with a moderate use of visual elements can help your visitors get from point A to point B. In other words: if there’s little thinking involved then that means their experience is good enough as any because usability strives towards minimalistic web design which takes care of all these problems automatically.

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Simplicity to lessen the effort:


The “keep it simple”-principle (KIS) should be the primary goal of site design. Putting this into practice by web design dubai, users are rarely on a site to enjoy the design; furthermore, in most cases they are looking for information despite any web page’s complexity. For instance, anyone using an online store would rather have all product pages laid out horizontally and not vertically – without advertisements or other content blocks that match exactly what their query was about beforehand or relevant content from previous searches/clicks – which is one reason why user-friendly print versions of websites with no ads whatsoever can provide good experience for visitors as well.

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