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5 of the world’s most lavish private jet terminals

One of the many advantages of flying private is the quickness with which you can depart, from getting at the airport and clearing security to boarding the plane and taking off.

All of this takes place in dedicated private jet terminals, some of which offer so many luxurious amenities that you’ll want to be there early! Here are five of our personal favourites…

Signature Aviation, London Biggin Hill Airport 

Biggin Hill airport, located to the south of the city, is one of several specialised private jet facilities in London and the surrounding area. Its Signature terminal, which caters to business travellers, has conference rooms, a nap room, and shower facilities where you may freshen yourself before your departure. A 6-minute helicopter flight to London is also available, along with door-to-door chauffeured automobile service to your destination, from the terminal.

Jetex Dubai, Al Maktoum Airport

The Jetex VIP terminal at Al Maktoum airport is a shining representation of Dubai’s world-class hospitality. With facilities like gym equipment, a snack and drink-filled kitchen, and even a toddler-friendly foosball table, the terminal goes above and beyond to meet your demands. And, for added personalization, they make cappuccinos with photos of passengers’ faces!

PS LAX, Los Angeles Airport

PS (previously known as the Private Suite) at Los Angeles International Airport is excellent for travelling anonymously, which is why it is so popular with Hollywood celebrities. Private suites with en-suite bathrooms, widescreen TVs, and food and beverages are available at the terminal. There’s even a spa on site to help you unwind before taking off. Before being chauffeured to their private jet, guests are genuinely pampered.

Fattal VIP Terminal, Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

The Fattal VIP terminal at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, was opened last year by the Fattal hotel firm, offers premium hotel amenities such as plush private rooms with bed and toilet, a fully equipped business centre, and a cigar club. Passengers also get exclusive access to two tax-free stores, as well as butler and chauffeur services to cater to their every need.

KayanJet, Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Airport, St. Kitts

The KayanJet FBO in St. Kitts has made visiting the Caribbean even more enjoyable. The terminal, which is located next to the island’s principal airport, Basseterre, provides the ultimate in Caribbean hospitality, with customised meals, private sun decks, and nap chambers among its many amenities. There is also tax-free shopping and a children’s area, as well as concierge services to fulfil all of your needs.+

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