Chinese apps that are banned by India

5 Popular Chinese Apps That Are banned in India

When it comes to features of mobile applications, China never fails to amaze the world with its fresh technology in the market. But there are also some countries where the most popular Chinese apps are banned and one such nation is our beloved country India. So, we will have a look at all the banned Chinese apps in this article.

Chinese Apps that are banned in India

Although India is not the only nation that banned the apps of china, there are other nations too who did this thing earlier also. Indian Government had banned more than 200 Chinese apps but we have covered the 5 Chinese apps that were immensely popular in the globe and banned in India.


1. VidMate

Many Indians had no idea that Which country’s app is VidMate. VidMate was one of the popular apps in India. This app was used for watching new Bollywood movies, web series, and Hollywood series.

2. ShareIt

ShareIt is another name in the list of banned Chinese apps of India but this app was not wholly owned by companies of china. Only some percentage of shares was associated with Tech company of China. ShareIt was popular for its feature of sharing files from one device to another device.

3. TikTok- Most Famous Chinese App

The TikTok app does not need any introduction. The popularity of TikTok was that much huge in India that the popular creators of TikTok were treated like celebrities.

4. UC Browser

Almost every mobile device had UC Browser for surfing the Internet. UC Browser was known for surfing fast internet even in low speed connections.

5. Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

This is the last most popular app on our list which is banned in India. Dual Space app has the features that let the user use a clone of any apps. Now this feature is available inbuilt in many phones these days but there is a limitation too in mobiles which were not in case of Dual Space.

Reasons For Banning Chinese Apps In India

According to the Indian Government, many of these apps were already given notice 6 months ago before banning. But, they failed to act according to Indian Government Policies. The Ban was imposed according to Section 69 A of the Information Technology Act. The primary reason for banning these apps was that they used to collect the data from the devices of their users which can be seen as a threat to the country. But the quickest action was seen from the side of the Indian Government during the times of Galwan Valley Clash between the Indian army and Chinese troops.


Many such apps were also banned that were not wholly Chinese even if few shares of that apps were in the hands of Chinese companies. Few of that app companies have dissociated themselves from China and now fully prepared to return to India. One of the prominent examples is PUB-G which has been renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India and has been finally planned to re-launch in India.

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