5 Tiny House Hacks to Follow to Effectively Use All Your Available Space

Tiny homes have increasing popularity nowadays especially among millennials and generation Z. It is seen as the perfect solution if people want to have their own homes without carrying the burden of paying a mortgage fee monthly. If you don’t want to struggle to keep your home during an economic recession, then you might as well buy a tiny home. You can customize it and install kitchen and bath materials at a very affordable price compared to building a traditional house. Ultimately, it can save you a huge amount of money in terms of utility costs like electricity, water, and games since you are occupying a very small space.

When living in a tiny home, you will also experience several disadvantages. You will have limited living space and storage for all your belongings like shoes, clothes, and books. With this, there is a need to streamline your possessions to prevent the place from looking crowded and cramped. Besides that, entertaining your guests might also be a challenge.


To lessen the disadvantages that you might encounter when staying in a tiny home, you have to follow the design ideas and organization hacks listed below to make it feel like you are living in a big house. You have to be resourceful of what you have to effectively utilize the limited space.

1.   Pick bright colored handmade cushions

For the living room, make sure to purchase handmade cushions with light and bright colors. You may choose white or yellow handmade cushions to let light reflect easily, consequently making space seem larger. Avoid buying black handmade cushions because they can make the place look smaller than it is. To not have a hard time choosing handmade cushions in a physical or online store, you can create your cushions today by ordering materials from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Aside from handmade cushions, you may also purchase wall color light and countertops to add a pop of color.

2.   Add large mirrors

After purchasing the right handmade cushions, you might want to increase the light entering into the room by adding mirrors. It will create an illusion that space is larger especially if placed opposite a window. To have a living room with bold statements, you might want to consider retro-styled mirrors and handmade cushions.

3.   Purchase multifunctional furniture

The best solution to a limited space is by purchasing multifunctional furniture. It can be a coffee table that can be used as a storage space or additional seating area. You might also want to consider purchasing bed frames with built-in drawers where you can place some of your clothes. Another option is to buy a headboard that can also be used as a bookshelf. There is a wide range of options in the market so make sure to choose the furniture items with the right size and style.

4.   Hang your knives and utensils

For your kitchen, it is best to hang your knives and stainless steel utensils. You can do this by purchasing magnetic strips stuck and placing them on top of your kitchen cabinets. In this way, you no longer have to allocate table space for these items.

5.   Install dual-purpose rooms

One of the most effective ways to maximize the available space is to install dual-purpose rooms. For instance, you may use an area like your kitchen and dining area. In this way, it would be easier to provide meals to your guests. You may add an adjustable table so that you can just extend it whenever you have a lot of visitors and hide it whenever you are alone. Besides that, you may also combine your office and guest bedroom by adding a sofa bed on one corner and a desk on the other. By doing this, you will avoid letting your guest bedroom accumulate dust while waiting for guests to sleep over.

In Conclusion

The list above entails some costs but they will be worth it once you see your organized and much larger tiny home. If you want an affordable way of maximizing the limited space, then you must get rid of clutter at all times. By doing so, you can have a comfortable small space living that others have a hard time experiencing!

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