5 Top Qualities of an Ideal Company Secretary

Every major leader has a secretary. Who knows what airline the boss flies, what his hotel requirements are, whether he needs roaming or a transfer. In addition to business trips, the functionality of such an employee often includes everything that surrounds the chief – from document flow to personal assignments.

Experts asked five executives in detail how they see the ideal secretary. CEOs of large enterprises and founders of start-ups shared what kind of employee they would be happy to hire for this position. It turned out that the top managers in different sectors – the idea of ​​the ideal secretary is surprisingly similar.

  1. Attentive and punctual: A person who does not forget anything, they are waiting for him here. Leaders note that it is important for them that the secretary can be entrusted with his schedule. This requires a person who does not forget or confuse anything. Attentiveness and speed of work, not at the expense of accuracy, are the key qualities.
  2. Emotionally stable: Oddly enough, psychology matters here too! The company secretary is a buffer between the boss and the outside world. It is important for leaders that this person is calm, does not add unnecessary stress and can help resolve conflict situations.
  3. Inquisitive: Here, the leaders are clearly not expecting to peep through the keyhole. But in general – the secretary should understand what the boss is doing. The secretary should keep minutes of meetings, keep track of the boss’s schedule, answer calls, and buy tickets for business trips – but that’s not all. Executives say that they want the person to delve deeper into the work of the company. Such a secretary is always appreciated more. That is, curiosity is necessary – in the right way.
  4. Not afraid of the leader: Top managers note that secretaries are sometimes afraid to report problems to the manager, point out typos in letters, ask them again and clarify. It is important for the specialist to understand that silence can harm the company. And courage is the first assistant here. When everyone is in awe of the shops after the boss’s scuffle, the best company secretary boldly enters the cage with the tiger. And for this in the future he receives a bonus – he is more appreciated as an employee.
  5. Tactfulness and appearance: The secretary is the first person to see in the waiting room. It is important for managers that the guest has a pleasant impression, that the secretary is friendly and caring. Sometimes the secretary acts on behalf of the leader, and this requires diplomacy and tact.

Generally speaking, a secretary is not an easy profession, contrary to common patterns, and a promising one. If he copes well with the functionality, he is a valuable specialist, he can be promoted to a personal assistant and beyond. A conscientious employee often follows the boss to other companies. Trust in a specialist is growing, but responsibility is also growing: a personal assistant needs to think one step ahead, to know all the wishes of the boss. A secretary is a position where you can become truly irreplaceable.

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