6 Benefits of Wall Hung Vanity Units

The development of modern designs and intelligent features has been massive during the past few decades. It replaced traditional giant sinks with compact modern wall hung vanity units having the sink on the top. These are an example of the latest categories the vanity units available in the market currently. These vanity units provide a 2-in-1 feature, providing a cabinet for storage and a sink on the top. The wall mounted units, according to their name, are fixed to the wall and leave the space below them free. These units do not touch the ground and that’s what makes them unique from other vanity units. Overall, it’s a beautiful space-saving piece of bathroom essentials that’s best suitable for compact spaces.

 Following this article will let you know various benefits of the vanity units. 

Why Do You Need A Wall Hung Vanity Unit?


The need for such units that fix on walls comes from the need of space saving. Since a standard storage furniture unit normally takes a lot of space on the floor, making the bathroom look too full and congested. Small bathroom needs something that can be practical as much as a standard version but can help space look and feel roomier. For such purposes a floating storage unit can be a traffic option. While people have realized that its not only a space saver but looks aesthetically pleasing as well.


Space Saving

Present bathrooms are turning smaller and smaller according to the need, the wall hung vanity units are very much suitable for small-sized bathrooms. Their compact design makes them unique and perfectly fitting with the dimensions of your bathroom. However, you can install them wherever you want because of their universal design. 

Cost Saving

When talking about installing these bathroom items, people always wish to buy most things under their fixed budget. These vanity units perfectly fit into the consumer budget. They come in different price tags; you can either buy a cheap one with standard shape and design but the exact working mechanism as the expensive one or spend extra dollars to buy the fancier one.

Stylish and Sleek Look

The wall hung vanity units do not come in ugly designs. They are one of the best and modern looking items to be installed in a bathroom. It provides a contemporary look and lets you showcase a different and upgraded version of your restroom. Most modern homes contain these wall hung vanity units that make the place look even more marvellous.

Different colour options


The wall hung units come in plenty of colour options  you can pick from. From light colours to darker shades, these vanity units match your bathroom colour flawlessly. You can choose between comparing their colour with the bathroom tiles or contrasting them. These vanity units usually come in snow white and off-white colour. Overall, it’s a great pleasure to see.  

Easier to maintain 

The wall hung vanity units are designed to make cleaning trouble free. Mounted to the wall and standing above the ground, these vanity units make the space below accessible for cleaning. The wooden cabinets aIt protected it protect the wooden cabinets from being in contact with water as they stand above the ground.  

Minimalist Design

The minimalist look is the latest trend for bathroom looks. It is what a contemporary bathroom requires. For creating such a look, you will need such fixtures that promote minimalist design. The floating storage is a type of fixture that will create a minimalist look. It is because there is less use of space while keeping the unit as compact as possible. 

Are There Any Disadvantages of Wall Hung Vanity Units?

Just like anything else, a floating storage unit is not without its drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage  is that it fits on the wall. That put it under incredible strain continuously, therefore making sure the wall is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the vanity unit easily. The second issue is that it is usually a compact design that means the storage space available is not too much. However, there are different sizes available, and you can always match your needs with  sizes. The second disadvantage can be its price. Most floating storage furniture units cost more as compared to the floor standing option. Besides the price, you may to pay for their installation as well. While the earlier option requires no fixing that also reduces overall costs for owning this unit. 

Looking to Install Wall Hung Vanity Units?

In this article we have a detailed review of wall hung vanity units. These compact units are a great way to add storage capacity to your contemporary bathroom. Not only do these offer enormous benefits but also look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. If you think it can be a suitable choice for your washroom. Then you must check Royal Bathrooms UK‘s website as it has the best deals for storage furniture units on the internet. With all your preparation for a bathroom makeover, don’t forget to get Cornova-19 vaccination, as it is the only way to prevent a pandemic. 

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