7 Things to prepare before eCommerce product photoshoot

As technology continues to expand and improve, businesses and corporations have migrated a lot of their operations and sales online. Physical stores and establishments are slowly closing shop due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are beginning to explore online options on how to expand their business within the digital sphere. eCommerce product photoshoot solutions have become the norm and there’s no stopping the growth of this digital platform.

Social media marketing continues to be a venue for promoting businesses along with the products and services that they have to offer. Thus, it is important to consider that digital marketing is the new normal and the opportunities for businesses online are limitless.

For the younger generation, it has become so easy for them to grow their business since they have become so acquainted with the internet and online applications that come along with it. But for the demographics that are new to eCommerce photography services and how to use them for business, it would help them to be acquainted with the necessary tips and tools needed for their enterprise to grow and for sales to increase.

Photoshoots and product promotion

What is the correlation between photoshoots and production promotion? Photography is basically the most widely used language in the digital sphere along with the written text. But the interesting part is that photos portray a message thousands of times faster than text does.

When a customer wants to purchase a dress, for example, she will not look for the written description of the dress (which will take much time to absorb) but will look for a visual manifestation of how the dress looks like, its color, and how it would look on her. Photography does just that.

Especially if the products or services are being sold or promoted online, photos paint a thousand more words than a written description of the product does. Thus, having good photos are necessary when promoting your brand and creating a strong presence online.

A photoshoot would be necessary for a brand to promote itself online. Thus, it is important to know the things to prepare before engaging in a photoshoot for a business.

Steps to prepare before the eCommerce photoshoot

Given that photography speaks volumes for brand promotion and content, below are 7 things to prepare before going for eCommerce photography services:

#1 Identifying the brand image or look you want to portray

Before engaging in eCommerce photography services, one must consider what image or look they want to portray before hiring a photographer. If, for example, they are a chocolate brand, they need to consider the theme of their chocolate brand, the flavors they want to promote, and how they want to position their chocolate brand on social media and their website.

#2 Looking for the appropriate photographer or agency that matches your brand objectives

It helps to look for eCommerce photography services or agencies that would best meet the business’ needs. It helps to check out their portfolios or sample works before hiring them. If, for example, they have experience in food photography and you are a food business, then best to go for a photographer or agency that has done food photography before and goes with the look and feel you like for your brand.

#3 Identifying and preparing the products or services to be photographed

Before you engage in any eCommerce product photoshoot, it is important to identify which products or services you want to be featured on your website and social media pages and if you will include all for selling on your website or just some specific ones. Remember that photographers and agencies may charge per layout so it becomes more expensive as you increase your product or service base for shooting.

#4 Coming up with a specific budget allocated for your photography needs

Budget is everything when it comes to your business. Make sure that you allocate a budget that is reasonable for your eCommerce product photoshoot. You don’t need to sacrifice the major elements that you want to feature in your website and social media pages.

#5 Timeline for when to release your photoshoot images on your pages

A timeline or Gantt chart is helpful especially when you need to come up with a specific timetable for when to release your visual content online. A social media plan is also necessary for when to release your collaterals online. Apparently, there are studies that show that the best time to release content on pages like Facebook and Instagram is at either 2 pm or 8 pm.

#6 Necessary research of brands within your industry

Research is always helpful especially when it comes to what your competitors are doing. It could serve as a benchmark on what look and feel would you want to achieve for your photoshoot. They should apply the necessary tweaks come posting time.

#7 Things you wish to communicate with the photographer or agency You will work with

Communication with your chosen photographer or agency is key. Setting a meeting with them prior to the shoot is important. You want them to prepare beforehand the ideas and equipment needed. You want to portray the look or feel you want for your photo shoot.

Avail of eCommerce photography services today

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