7 Tips to Memorize Quran Quickly

To have the option to peruse the Quran is an advantage. However, perusing it without seeing it is a gift. Remembering the Quran is called Haifa. The Muslim who retains memorize Quran is known as a Hafiz. It is the most loved endowment of Allah to have the option to remember the Holy Quran. Retaining the Quran requires a ton of difficult work and commitment as it tends to be a troublesome undertaking.

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Quran has 114 parts (Surahs) which are then subcategorized into stanzas (Ayaat).

Remembering the Holy Quran is difficult. It requires devotion, difficult work, tolerance, and a solid memory to remember the Holy Quran. However, there are a ton of ways by which you can make it simpler to retain the Quran. In this article, you will be told around Seven hints that will make it simpler for you to Hifz Quran. So let us begin.

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Get Up Early in the Morning

As indicated by a logical exploration, it becomes simpler to retain things in the early morning. The explanation is that our psyche is new and works quicker around then. In this way, get up promptly toward the beginning of the day, offer your petition and afterward give somewhere around an hour to Quran remembrance. As our psyche is new around then, you will see improvement in your learning speed inside some days. Along these lines, make it a daily schedule to get up promptly in the first part of the day. Remember the piece of the Holy Quran which you have laid out the objective of.

Put forward Your Sub-Goals

You can’t do anything erratically. Have an objective in your brain that you need to accomplish. Other than defining a fundamental objective, you should lay out some sub-objectives which you should finish consistently. Characterize a piece of the Holy Quran you will retain every day then, at that point adhere to that part and remember it completely. The objective ought to be sensible. There are a few groups that put forward an objective that is illogical. In such cases, it becomes hard for them to Hifz Quran. So that is the reason you ought not to layout objectives that are extremely difficult to reach.

Don’t Just zero in on Quantity

There are a few groups who have an idea in their mind of accomplishing something short-term. They are so anxious and can’t hang tight for something. However, Quran retention is something that requires quite a while to finish. Indeed, it requires a very long time to remember the Holy Quran. They set focuses that are excessively huge for them. Thusly, rather than saving time, it takes them significantly more to Hifz Quran. That is the reason you ought to zero in on the amount as well as a spotlight on the nature of what you retain. Just retain sufficient substance that you can keep to yourself.

Remember in Distraction-Free Environment

As I have effectively referenced, remembrance of the Quran is certifiably not a simple assignment. It turns out to be even hard to retain the Holy Quran when you have a lot of interruptions close to you. You can not remember it appropriately except if you work in a climate where you can Hifz Quran with no aggravation. In such a climate, you can not appropriately center around your retention. That is the reason you should wind down your telephone, PC, or tablets, and so forth to eliminate any interruptions with regards to remembering the Quran.

Online Quran Memorization Classes

Remembrance of the Holy Quran is an honorable deed yet it tends to be an undeniably challenging objective to accomplish, particularly for ladies as it may not be simple for them to leave their family obligations scattered and go to a madrassa consistently. With online Quran retention classes, ladies have the advantage of figuring out how to remember the Quran from home, they don’t need to leave them everyday assignments however rather can orchestrate their time somewhat better.

It is additionally positive if your kids are remembering the Quran, with how dangerous it has gotten in any event, for grown-ups to walk alone particularly in the nights, it can feel very overwhelming to send your kid out alone consistently. With online remembrance classes, your youngsters can remain protected in your home and get familiar with Islam, they have the chance to experience childhood in an Islamic climate without leaving their homes each day.

Reexamine The Previous Work

Consistently moving towards retaining the new pages doesn’t help you in Quran remembrance. By doing this, you can not remember the refrains of the Holy Quran which you have retained before. You will be ceaselessly remembering the new refrains yet you will be failing to remember what you have retained previously. That is the reason have the overhauled meetings of what you have effectively remembered. Thusly, you will actually want to keep each section to you that you have effectively remembered.

Do Sample Checks

Test checking is vital with regards to remembering the Holy Quran. Haphazardly take any second from your day-by-day schedule and attempt to peruse the particular arrangement of stanzas that you have effectively remembered. Attempt to peruse these refrains without taking a gander at them and check if you actually recall them. It extraordinarily helps you in keeping the refrains retained. Regardless of whether you are going on a road or lying on your bed, simply attempt to do the example checking whenever of the day or night.


Remembering the Holy Quran is in fact a respectable deed. It’s anything but a simple errand to retain the Holy Quran. Be that as it may, it turns out to be even hard to Hifz Quran when you don’t have the legitimate direction for you. On the off chance that you don’t follow the right technique to Hifz Quran, it will take any longer for you to remember The Quran. That is the reason, in this article, you have been disclosed to some significantly valuable tips that will help you Hifz Quran all the more rapidly.

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