8 ideas to organize a small kitchen - J&K cabinetry

8 ideas to organize a small kitchen – J&K cabinetry

Does your kitchen size bother you? Do you find it hard to organize your small kitchen? Having a small space is nothing to worry about. Just some adjustments, simple hacks, and clearing the clutter can do wonders. Also, organizing your J&K cabinetry is not that tricky, given the storage space. So, tune your ears to learn some of the best small kitchen ideas.

No doubt, a functional kitchen has lots of stuff to manage. But, a messy space can become a bigger problem later. If you are moving to a new place with limited space, this post is for you. So, no matter how big or small your kitchen is, you have to do away with items you aren’t using. Organize your storage, from cabinets to open shelves.

Here are some of the most practical ideas for organizing small kitchen areas. These hacks will allow you to manage every nook of your kitchen:

  1. Get rid of clutter
  2. Sort out larger cabinets
  3. Keep similar items together
  4. Use the space under the cabinets.
  5. Fewer drawers, more open cabinets
  6. Use your wall storage
  7. Use hooks in J&K cabinetry 
  8. Buy a movable cart

8 ideas to organize a small kitchen - J&K cabinetry

  • Get rid of clutter:

It is the best idea you will ever come across. No matter the size of your kitchen, decluttering works for all kitchen types. Well, every cooking area has some extra pans, dishes, or pots that they hardly use. Therefore, it is wise to get rid of rarely used items. Remember, you are not supposed to throw away your extra stuff. The idea is to move them from your already small space to a storeroom.

  • Sort out larger cabinets:

Honestly, it is much easier to clear the stuff. The question is what you have in your larger cabinets. Usually, they are ones that people like to stuff till it bursts. So, first of all, examine your larger cabinets and sort out every item in them. In this way, you will get to do the grand cleaning and minimize your stuff. Also, keep most of the usable items in them to free up the counter space. 

  • Keep similar items together:

The well-organized kitchen is the one where you can easily find the same stuff. So, the idea is to put similar kinds of items in the same drawer or cabinets. For instance, you should keep your spoons and spatulas next to the stove. Also, keep the knives and forks in the top two drawers. And put the plates, glass, and cans in one place. In this way, you will have access to them with ease.  

  • Use the space under cabinets:

The space in the middle of your slab and cabinets is your backsplash. Who says you cannot use that space? Well, it is clever to use glass hangers or wire cabinets to hang your wine glasses, coffee mugs, and spoons. So, using wire cabinets or shelves is a great idea to use the free space for storage. As a result, you will have ample room in your cabinets and drawers.

  • Fewer drawers, more open cabinets:

Using drawers can take up more area than you think. In addition to that, it can also be costly to install dovetail drawers. So, the best idea is to use open J&K cabinetry or shelves in place of drawers. In this way, you can organize a small space with open shelving. Although, it might add more cleaning for you. But, it works well in limited storage spaces. 

  • Use your wall storage:

Well, it is much better if you have corner cabinets and spare wall space. It gives you the chance to avail yourself of the empty wall space. First of all, you may use it for open shelves. Or, use wall hangers or vine racks on that wall. As a result, you can use it for your daily use items.

  • Use hooks in J&K cabinetry:

Having J&K cabinetry solves half of the problem. And the other half is on your common sense. We know that these cabinets have ample space in them for storage. So, another idea is to use hooks inside the boxes. It may sound weird, but it is the easiest hack you will know. It will allow you to hang some lightweight items that you often misplace. 

  • Buy movable carts:

Well, you might think that your finest tea trolley or cart is going to waste due to the small space. No, that is not always the case. Movable carts are the best option for small spaces. So, the idea is to use pots, pans, or bowls. Also, you can move them around anywhere with ease. 

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Organizing a small kitchen is not that big deal. These simple hacks will help you arrange your J&K cabinetry and the rest of the area. So make it simple by reducing clutter in the kitchen. Then use wall hangers, wire cabinets, and movable carts. Plus, make use of open cabinets or shelves for a cleaner look. Columbus cabinet city has the best range of sturdy cabinets. If you have any other small kitchen ideas, please care to share them.  

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