Invisalign Myths

8 Invisalign Myths That Prevent You Taking the Right Decision

Invisalign has transformed hundreds and thousands of smiles all over the world. Therefore not nothing much is there that still needs to be uncovered. To help you make an informed decision about the invisible braces treatment we have sorted out facts from fictions in the following section of the blog post.

Invisalign is not capable to move the teeth

Retainers or removable retainers prevent relapse or sinking back of the teeth to the original position after the treatment completes. Invisalign aligners look identical to those retainers. Thus people doubt whether it can really move the teeth. Invisalign trays are unbelievably efficient in teeth straightening. Each set of the trays move the teeth a little by applying gentle pressure. By the time you have moved on to the last tray in your series your teeth have already shifted to their new desired position.

Invisalign is costlier than conventional metal braces

The cost of both conventional braces and invisible aligners vary between cases as well as providers. The number of braces in a particular case depends on the degree of misalignment. The greater number of braces the longer is the treatment time. All these factors in unison inflate the treatment cost. For people with slight misalignment in the front teeth invisalign Express is usually the ideal solution; it costs as reasonable as £2,000. To know the exact cost of your treatment first avail the initial consultation. Practices usually offer the initial consultation free.

You develop a lisp with Invisalign

This statement is partly true but it is not only for invisible aligners. Rather all kinds of orthodontic appliances are likely to affect your natural speech. Many develop a lisp after moving on to conventional fixed braces. Many people, on the other hand, do not have any problem whatsoever. Their speech remains just as normal as ever.

People who develop a lisp get their problem sorted out on its own hardly within a few days. The problem never persists longer. You just keep wearing the aligners and keep talking in your own usual way. There is just nothing to worry.

The clear plastic aligners catch stain and look unsightly

Each tray or aligners has a life of about 2 weeks. In other words you wear a set of these trays for two weeks before moving on to the next one in your series. Therefore there is hardly time for the plastic trays to catch stains. Take the aligners out every time while eating or drinking. Clean the teeth immediately afterward and then wear the trays the back. There is hardly any way for the trays to get stained.

In order to keep the trays extra clean and stain-free buy invisalign cleaning crystals or retainer tablets. However just gentle brushing twice daily with an antibacterial hand-wash is sufficient to keep the appliance free from unsightly stains. You may rinse it well in lukewarm water for greater cleansing effect.

Invisalign is lengthy and time-taking

With respect to traditional braces does this technology moves the teeth slower? The answer is not necessarily. Rather in many cases it is found to work faster. Unlike the conventional procedures it shows both the intermediate and the final outcomes of your teeth even before the treatment starts. It also predicts how long your treatment will last. The cutting-edge technology not only delivers incredible outcome but also visualises you every step of the journey even before you get on the road.

Vertical teeth movement is impossible with Invisalign

The invisible braces system practically redefined the approach of teeth straightening. However the technology was not so effective and predictable as it is today. Nowadays invisalign attachments have been introduced, which are nothing but tiny buttons in the colour of the tooth. The buttons or attachments provide the trays something to grip on to to facilitate more challenging movements of the teeth. You can be rest assured modern version of the technology is capable to sort out almost every type of teeth misalignment problem as effectively as conventional braces.

Invisalign is meant only for teens

If the truth is to be told the majority of invisalign patients are above 18. On the other hand there is no upper age limit for this teeth straightening treatment. There was indeed a time when the braces or trays were associated with teenagers. But that trend has changed drastically over the years. These invisible aligners or braces are equally appealing to people of all age groups. Most importantly the trays not only remain hidden or discreet inside the mouth but also smoothly gels with modern hectic and fast lifestyles. You can easily remove the trays to enjoy foods, drinks and moments with your friends brace-free.

Invisalign are same and identical as mail-order aligners

In this ongoing age of DIY and online shopping you can easily order clear aligners sitting from the comfort of your home to straighten the teeth on your own. These appliances are similar in look but ways behind the efficiency of invisalign trays. The invisible braces treatment provides precise results. In absence of any carefully customised treatment plan and supervision of an orthodontist your mail-order aligners are most unlikely to deliver results anywhere near those standards.

In case you have any more doubt or confusion to sort out, just feel free to contact us through the link below.

Are the plastic trays safe?

Invisalign trays are made of plastic. As a matter of fact high quality plastic that can be easily moulded is used in making these trays. Are these plastic trays safe? This question is quite relevant in the recent times. Many people are asking this with variation in language and wordings.

An invisalign dentist in London assures it is safe indeed. The trays are made from medical grade polyurethane resin. It is categorically free from bisphenol A or BPA which is widely used as industrial chemical.

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