Singapore cruise with family

8D/7N Singapore Cruise Packages with Family

Being on a Singapore cruise with family can fulfil all your luxurious fantasies. Singapore cruise packages are a great excuse to immerse yourself in the ocean currents. This fantastic journey will start with a night safari in Singapore and will end with a 2-day cruise tour through the major places of the island.

Book a Singapore cruise package with India’s best travel agent roaming routes and enjoy the luxury in water with your family. A Singapore cruise is a great vacation for honeymoon couples in Singapore. On an 8-day exploration of roaming routes, you’ll enjoy dinner on the Singapore Flyer and feel fortunate to be in the largest underwater aquarium. So let’s know what it would be like to be on a Singapore cruise with the family.

DAY 1: Singapore Night Safari

Upon your arrival at Singapore Airport, our tour representative will greet you with a welcome drink, and drop you off in a luxurious car at the Hotel. You’re free to spend the evening in Singapore, then go shopping with the family or socialize with the locals. Singapore night safari is the best thing to explore on the arrival day. Singapore Tourism awarded Singapore Nocturnal Night Safari. Enjoy the mammal’s activities in the open tram. This is a thrilling occasion followed by a cultural dance performed by the local people every day. You will get a free hotel transfer every day, so reach the Hotel and enjoy dinner.

Day 2: City Tour and Sentosa Island

Today we will enter the beautiful Sentosa Island, visiting the main idyllic places of the city of Singapore. Our first target will be the “Garden by the Bay”, one of the top indoor gardens in the world. This is a stunning garden with a spectacular overbridge that is perfect for a hawk’s eye view of the garden. Now the convoy will travel to Suntec City, where you visit little India and many other places, including the world’s largest fountain.

Now is the time to plunge into Sentosa Island. This magical world will steal your time, Singapore’s most perfect family entertainment centre that also offers a chance to interact with sea creatures. Play with dolphins and be a part of the insect kingdom; there’s everything to entertain you. Come to the Hotel for dinner in the evening.

Day 3: Visit Adventure Cove Waterpark and Sea Aquarium

Adventure Cove Waterpark is a well-equipped park with high slides and many more thrilling swings that test your spirits. After basking in the blue water pools and coral reefs, we will take refuge in the largest aquarium to soothe your heart. There is no better way to be filled with marine life than a vital aquarium. More than 800 species of fish in the sea of ​​Singapore entice you with their colourful camos, and then a giant shark suddenly taps on your back.

A hectic day comes to an end, so join us for relaxing at Hotel.

Day 4: Universal Studios

Universal Studios is a theme park based on western cinema where you will feel the thrill of being on Hollywood characters and film sets. This is a significant place to be included in the Singapore holiday list. You will be in this theme park all day long and forget all your worries while riding thrilling rides with the family. At dusk, we will take you to the Hotel in a luxurious car to relax in a 5-star property.

Day 5: Dinner at Singapore Flyer

Do you want to see this cute little island through an eagle’s eye? The best way is the Singapore Flyer. So have a healthy breakfast and grab a capsule of Flyer. This huge hammock tickles the belly at every turn. When you are on top, the world will look like an ant colony, and the ocean’s horizon will fill with spiritual peace. The rest of the day, you are free to roam the streets of Singapore, and we will return again in the evening for dinner on the Flyer.

Day 6- 7: Two Nights on Singapore Cruise

So now your dream is going to come true, pack your luggage from the hotel and checkout. You will be in the middle of the sea for the next two days. There is a gathering of all the ships at the Harbor Front of Singapore from where we will board the cruise. Once on the cruise, you will be given a private cabin in which you will feel safe, and all your meals will be hosted in the cruise meeting hall. Singapore cruise is equipped with all the amenities you can think of. So go through the entire cruise, indulge in indoor sports, or spend time in the cabin with the family; it’s completely yours.

Day 8: Say Goodbye to Singapore

After having your final breakfast on the cruise, you will have to go through the checkout formalities from the harbourfrontSingapore cruise with family, from where you will be given free travel to the airport. The domestic flight ticket will be at the cost of roaming routes as per package inclusion. Now you can say goodbye to this island and don’t forget to mark places you visit from the sky.

To check the package inclusions of this Singapore cruise package and more exciting honeymoon and holiday Singapore packages, check the website of roaming routes.

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