Floor Standing Bathroom Vanity Units

A Brief Rundown on Floor Standing Bathroom Vanity Units

Among the countless things to decide to install in a bathroom, the maximum utility of the storage space is duly considered nowadays. Owners emphasize more on getting maximum space while installing minimum items, especially in compact bathrooms. Installing a floor standing bathroom vanity units can be the right decision to solves most of the bathroom storage problems. 

What Are the Floor Standing Bathroom Vanity Units?

These are simply bathroom furniture units that sit directly on the floor. That means there is no need for fixing needs to get them ready. Just put them anywhere you want and start using them. Unlike wall-mounted vanity units, you can use the space on the floor as well. As a result, these provide enormous storage capacity for bathroom essentials. 

Why Do We Need?

While you have bathroom storage in various shapes and sizes, an obvious question arises that why we specially choose the floor standing bathroom vanity units. The answer to this issue is simply that the needs and requirements of people. Original designs and types may not fit well in a bathroom under specific circumstances. For example, a wall-hung style storage is a perfect compact vanity that is great for the contemporary bathroom. But since they fixed it on the wall, you will need to have it sturdy enough to bear its weight. 

Besides that, there may be many other reasons ranging from choice to aesthetics requirements that make this style less suitable for your bathroom. Many people think that a floor standing vanity is only suitable for traditional style bathrooms. But these units are available in both modern and traditional designs. So, you can easily find your required design in these storage units. 

Key Features

Here are some key features of floor standing bathroom vanity units. 

  1. Allows increased storage space 

The freestanding storage units are bigger than the fancy wall-mounted ones and allow added storage space. The huge drawer’s size can accept any sized items to be stored easily.  These traditional vanity units can be a bit space eater for compact bathrooms but are a perfect provider of storage space below the basin. 

  1. A modern addition to your bathroom

These vanity units come in a contemporary design that gives a modern look to the bathroom. The cornering edges add up to the elegance of a bathroom. The wide variety of sizes, colours, and designs brings in plenty of options for you to choose from. Overall, it is a far better and modern replacement for those traditional basins that eat ups all the potential space below the basin.

  1. Available in a variety of sizes and colours

By combining its practicality with diverse colour availability, the floor standing vanity units offer a bunch of options for the buyers. It made these units for every bathroom depending upon the colour shade that I follow and the correct dimensions. For small bathrooms, compact units are preferable, and for spacious bathrooms, one can go for any shape and size of the floor standing vanity units. In addition, the different colour options allow the customers to choose the right floor standing vanity units that match the bathroom colour scheme. 

  1. Affordability 

Although these units look modern and sleek, the price tags on most of them come under the budget easily. I knew the traditional vanity units for their affordability. One can simply enjoy having a modern bathroom with a low-cost building or renovation. 

  1. Reduces the cost

The floor-standing vanity units take a considerable area of the floor and wall. What’s good about it is that no tiles need to be placed there, which saves the cost of tiles to finish a bathroom. Overall, it& a significant addition to your bathroom, so hurry and get one for you as well.

Should We prefer It Over a Wall Vanity Unit?

To decide whether you should prefer a floor standing vanity over a wall-mounted one will need certain consideration. Without knowing a few things, it is not possible to suggest which one is a better choice. In simple words, for some people, a wall-hung would be a preferred choice, while for others it would not. For example, if you have limited space available, then a wall hung style would be a better choice.  In case there is enough room, a floor standing option can be good too. Perhaps, most of the luxurious bathrooms prefer a freestanding option as it can easily create a timeless classic look, which may be great for enormous spaces. So, it all depends on your preferences and bathroom space requirements. 

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Looking for Floor Standing Bathroom Vanity Units?

This article provides you with comprehensive information about Floor Standing Bathroom Vanity Units. By reading it, you are in a better position to decide the best furniture unit for your home. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have many fittings and fixtures available at reasonable prices. COVID-19 vaccination is the only way to prevent yourself from this pandemic. 

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