A Certified Plumber for the Reliability of your Plumbing System

Some plumbing failures or leaks can be fixed by ourselves. But in some cases, the problems seem more serious and your little tinkering would only make the situation worse. The best advice experts can give you is to contact the competent and licensed plumbers to repair your plumbing system.

Plumbing repair with an emergency service available 24/7

A hidden water leak, a blocked pipe, a water heater that is not in good condition. All these big failures if they are not fixed in time, can cause significant damage. Faced with this emergency, the first instinct you must have is to call a licenced plumber Singapore. He is the most qualified person to do all the repairs as quickly as possible. Breakdown services are available every day and at any time of the day. Thus, you will be safe from the inconvenience and enjoy better comfort at home.

Plumber Services Offered

Aside from unblocking a pipe or sink, the plumbing trade also involves performing many types of repairs, renovation or creation work. From the installation of sanitary plumbing, to the maintenance of a water heater through the installation of the sprinkler system, the plumber has the necessary skills to intervene in all the water parts of your home. Licenced plumbers is also able to give you advice to guide you on the projects to be carried out in your home.

How to choose your taps?

Even if you will entrust your plumbing work to a licensed plumber, it is also important to have some knowledge about your sanitary equipment. You must have good knowledge on choosing your faucet: aesthetics, quality, size, utility, installation and technology.

The first criterion to take into account: Quality

The faucet must be able to withstand its daily use. Handling, hot and cold water are the hardships that faucets undergo every day. So, if the materials are of poor quality, your faucets are very likely to be defective. Instead, use stainless steel and brass taps rather than plastic, chromed metal and aluminium taps, which present possible health risks. Also, it is better to opt for taps with ceramic disc heads instead of plug valves.

Kitchen faucets

The comfort of your kitchen taps is important to facilitate its daily use. The faucet should also be suitable for your sink and the style of the room. For this, it is imperative to choose the kitchen faucet and the sink at the same time to be sure that the length of the faucet spout allows better use of the sink.

So-called “retro” faucets for classic or rustic kitchens are often straight stop faucets with mixers while modern faucets are curved faucets with mixer taps. Some retro models require the drilling of 3 holes: two for the handles of the mixer and one for the faucet itself;

Faucets with a pull-out aerator are very effective at filtering and reducing water flow, but they are probably fragile. It is therefore wise to invest in a high-end faucet for its durability and its practicality;

The taps with hand shower are always curved and offer great comfort in everyday use. There are two types: inverted U-shaped showers and integrated showers

Bathroom faucets

The peculiarity of faucets in the bathroom is that these faucets do not have the same design, dimensions or shapes. The valve must therefore be selected according to its function. Indeed, there are different types of bathroom faucets:

  • The sink and basin faucet
  • The bathtub faucet
  • The shower faucet
  • The bidet

A shower stop can be installed between the hand shower and the shower hose for more convenience and to reduce water consumption. The use of eccentric fittings solves the problem of the difference in centre distance between the valve and the installation. If you don’t want to install this off-centre fitting, choose the centre-to-centre distance of your shower and bathtub faucets.

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