Five Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Virtual Server for QuickBooks

Five Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Virtual Server for QuickBooks

When QuickBooks initially released to the market, it profoundly affected the dynamics of the accounting sector and brought in an operational revolution. 


It increased productivity and considerably improved accounting skills for businesses. It further accelerated a few years later with the birth of cloud accounting.



  • Robust Security
  • Personalized Cloud Management
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility in Customization
  • Enhanced Performance



Cloud-based hosting of your QuickBooks solution has numerous benefits, including remote access, enhanced security, business continuity plans, and trustworthy data security. 


However, hosting your QuickBooks on a public cloud is not the same as hosting it on a dedicated server, resulting in significant changes in the cloud accounting experience.

Multiple users share a public cloud with varying business requirements, which can impact your QuickBooks performance. 


On the other hand, dedicated cloud servers are privately managed and are under the authority of a single business or individual.


Dedicated clouds intended to minimize downtime and maximize performance and flexibility. 


Dedicated clouds are suitable for applications that require a high level of resource efficiency. Due to the isolation provided by a private cloud server, users can exercise greater control and customization over bandwidth and storage. 


In addition, having a dedicated cloud server enables a business to create or extend on-premises applications in the cloud using management tools while also ensuring the infrastructure’s scalability is seamless.


When enterprises choose a dedicated cloud server, they also need to consider the provider’s availability and performance. In simple terms, a dedicated cloud server is used exclusively by an individual or organization and not shared with another user. 


While dedicated cloud servers are more expensive than shared and hybrid cloud servers, the protection is unparalleled.


The following are the top five reasons why a dedicated QuickBooks server may be the right choice for your business.


Robust Security

Around 95% of cloud breach incidents are frequently the result of human error. Substandard security setups, a flawed server layout, and a lack of technical skill are all human-caused flaws that endanger server security and expose it to hacking efforts. 


When you use a public cloud, these risk factors become compounded.

Hosting QuickBooks on a dedicated cloud server eliminates administrative headaches and improves the security of your QuickBooks data. 


In addition, since various users can access the public cloud, which results in more significant variation in the server database’s security standards, private hosting enables you to manage the access range. 


In this way, you can limit access to data based on an employee’s function while maintaining overall control under the administration of your firm.


Additionally, QuickBooks dedicated servers provide greater security via antimalware/antivirus protection, encrypted data transfer, and enterprise-grade firewalls.


Personalized Cloud Management

Consider sharing a living space with roommates who occasionally intrude on your privacy. It is quite irritating. When you combine clashing daily work-life schedules and daily routine variances, you may begin to regret your decision to live in a shared environment in the first place. 


Similarly, when you use a public cloud, you lose the privacy and control of a dedicated server. In addition, it hinders your organization’s flexibility and QuickBooks usage.


However, hosting QuickBooks on a dedicated server provides numerous benefits and complete control over the entire system, allowing you to use QuickBooks without limitations


You can quickly access and customize the cloud’s underlying hardware and software configurations, which is not available when using a public cloud. 


This way, you can avoid other users’ actions harming your business’s performance and get the most out of your QuickBooks hosting. Since you will be regulating access, you will also benefit from increased data privacy.



Numerous factors, such as customer management, lead generation, and operating costs, can all have an impact on your business’s overall performance and growth. 


Among these, fiscal expenditure on operational costs had a significant effect on the development of your organization.


QuickBooks dedicated server optimizes both cost and productivity for your business. 

Because establishing an in-house server requires a significant investment in hardware and software, a dedicated QuickBooks cloud server assists you in mitigating the associated costs. 


When you choose a dedicated QB server, your service provider assumes all IT-related expenditures. 


Everything is covered by their service belt, from installation to maintenance. In this manner, you can avoid those alarming charges and concentrate on your business goals.


Flexibility in Customization

How often have you desired to customize something but were unable to do so due to the opinions of others? 


Using a public cloud to host your QuickBooks, you fall into the same trap and lose customization flexibility. 


Your hosting environment constrained by a set of user requirements derived from standard client requirements. As a result, it lacks the adaptability necessary to meet your specific needs and does not provide the level of customization requested.


When you go to a dedicated cloud server, you may quickly adjust the hosting environment to meet your specific requirements. Because you have complete control, you may scale up or down according to your needs and maximize your investment. 


You are not required to share your resources or allow other users’ actions to impair your performance. Additionally, you can integrate as many add-ons as necessary to customize your QuickBooks experience.


Enhanced Performance

Collaboratively using a public cloud is like running a relay race. While a strong team can help you win, it can also work against you. 


When you use a public cloud, you must share the RAM and CPU resources of the server with other users. This can result in their server utilization having a substantial impact on your QuickBooks performance, therefore hurting your organization’s performance.


Switching to a dedicated QuickBooks server ensures your business’s stability and reliability while also improving server speed. 


Because the server will be used only by you, you won’t have to worry about other users’ traffic taxing the server’s resources. 


You can manage company traffic effectively, monitor server consumption, and exercise complete control over your resources. Additionally, because most server providers use high-performance computer channels and network connections, you get an enhanced end-user experience when running QuickBooks on a dedicated server.



With the accounting industry’s growing competition, the accounting process’s issues are also at an all-time high. There is just one suitable solution to this fast-paced competitive industry’s problem—a QuickBooks dedicated server! 


It provides unique benefits and features to your business. While cloud computing increases server security against cyberattacks, it also increases server stability and uptime. While we agree that hosting QuickBooks on a dedicated server is more expensive than shared hosting, the advantages it money invested.


Enhanced security measures, increased server performance, improved customization flexibility, and a customized cloud environment are just some of the benefits of using a dedicated server for QuickBooks. In addition, offering the same functionality as primary cloud usage enables you to optimize your QuickBooks operations and make the most of your accounting experience.

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