All You Need to Know about Opening a Corporate Bank Account

Learn all you need to know about opening a corporate bank account. Initiating a new business in an entirely new place is quite complicated. It seems to be simple but the truth is it is not a child’s play. It is better to collect intricate details about its procedure and find more about the Company Act law of the country.

Every country has a different set of rules to follow

Every country has a different set of rules to follow which can only be implemented if you know it thoroughly.  It is a matter of great relief for everyone that HeySara is always here to help you. With our mobile application and web page, we are at your service to incorporate new companies and their profile. It is evident that the system which is quite lenient for residents instantly becomes arduous, complicated and time taking for foreigners. In this case, HeySara comes as a protector to provide assistance and support in the troublesome situation.

Long procedure of opening an corporate bank account for foreigners

The foreigners, who land on Singapore with an aim to live their dream of becoming a big entrepreneur, are trap due to the long procedure of opening an account for the aliens. The bank authorities stretch the process to review and verify the documents enclose with the application form. If the company has one resident director (nominee director) then it is easy for the company to have a bank account.

On the top of it, if you do not need any hassle and confusion to accomplish your task it is better to seek help from HeySara which is at your service round the clock. Without leaving your home, you can complete the documentation and can carry the entire working system in your pocket without any fear if HeySara is with you.

Open your company at just one click

We provide you to compile various tasks of your company at just one click. The opening of a corporate bank account for the company in Singapore is easy for the foreigners who move step by step and follow the guidelines of ACRA to manage the entire system and you can check out more on business bank account opening here.

HeySara keeps update information to save you from any kind of unwanted situation. We will also guide you to follow the justified path to reach your destination. The most important task for the aspirant to open an account for his business or office is to carry out the financial transactions with other companies and firms. The entire process of the company works after the account is being open.

Challenges to open a corporate bank account

Undoubtedly, it is quite time taking and challenging to open a bank account in the foreign banks. The requirement to complete the documentation to open a bank account is quite challenging and time consuming. In this situation, HeySara comes up with a helping hand to accomplish your task.

With the HeySara mobile app, the remote registration can be done along with digital signature. As well as including secure storage. Even if it is difficult and complicated to be physically present for the verification of your identity. As well as the documents enclosed along with the application to open a bank account. Evidently, it is hassle free, affordable, time and cost effective.

To establish or set up your own office in Singapore is easy because of HeySara. It also helps you to choose the right bank for you who provide various packages. The packages make your transactions easy, quick and lucrative.

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