Best website to get weather report

The best websites to know the weather forecast in 2021

A few years ago knowing the weather forecast for a specific site on a certain date was little more than indicative, however, today the advance of technologies allows us to know more precisely what time it will do anywhere in the world. In addition, we can currently know the weather forecast at all times from the computer or mobile quickly. Next, we will show the best websites to know the weather forecast.

Nowadays, there are many people who look at what time you will do each day before leaving home. Basically in India, most people searches on web, Kal Mausam kaisa rahega? They are very curious to know about how will be weather tomorrow. In this way, we will be able to know if it is necessary to take a sweater, jacket or umbrella. That’s not to mention when we go on a weekend, bridge or vacation, since most of the activities depend largely on the time you are going to do to us. Hence, almost everyone wants to know the weather forecast on a daily basis.

Best website to get weather report

Top 3 websites to know the weather forecast


AccuWeather is a complete weather website where we can consult weather forecast maps and radars. Although the main page shows a weather map of Spain, the truth is that it is very little readable. Its small size makes the icons of time and maximum temperature cake on each other and does not allow us to know neither the weather nor the temperature of any place in India at a glance.

To do this, we will have to perform a search by city or locality from the search engine offered at the top of the main page. Then, we will be shown the forecast of the selected place indicating an icon and the current temperature. From there we can move to know the forecast of the next 14 days and at the bottom will show a future forecast, as well as the possibility of seeing the weather radar in the indicated location.

By clicking on the forecast for a specific day, we will be able to see more information about the weather, wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure, UV index, cloudiness, visibility, time of sunrise and sunset and the possibility to see the forecast for each hour.

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Weather on Google with Weather

If we open the Google search engine in our browser and type “weather” followed by the name of a city or locality, we will automatically obtain in the first search result a box with the weather information of the indicated place. There we will be able to see the degrees that are at that time, the probability of precipitation, humidity, wind speed and a graph by hours and days with the symbols that represent the weather that will make and the minimum and maximum temperatures for the next 7 days.

By default the graph represents the temperatures at different times of the day, but we can click on the Precipitation or Wind button so that the graph shows us the evolution of that data in the coming hours.


It is another site specialized in weather forecasting for those fans of white sport. In Snowforecast we can see the weather, snow forecast and status of all ski resorts very quickly and reliably.

It is enough to choose the country and the ski resort so that the site shows us all the information about the snow forecast in that season, possibility of precipitation, centimeters that are expected, temperature, thermal sensation, wind direction and speed, etc.


As for the predictions we have a lot of options such as seeing them three or seven hours seen, at different times that we can choose and even be able to open a map of the world. If we continue to search the web we can enter the forecast of large cities directly, in a radar in Asia directly or configuring where we want to see the radar since we can configure it. There is a version of this website for iPhone, iPad and Android. It is one of the most complete websites that we can find momentum of wind with regard to weather forecasting and the possibility such as radar.

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