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Does Black Coffee can Cause Stain Your Teeth?

Are you among those people who cannot think of starting the day without having a cup of coffee? Well, this is a popular beverage that gives the needed energy to make it throughout the day. If you love to drink black coffee, then you will really be happy to know that it provides you lots of health benefits. It is extremely good for proper functioning of your liver, can help to clean stomach properly, in improving your cardiovascular health and has rich anti-oxidants.

But do you know black coffee can be harmful for your health? Are you aware it can have a negative impact on your dental health? Here, in this blog posting, I will give answer to your common questions that may arise in your mind.

How black coffee can cause stains on your teeth?

Yes, having black coffee can actually form stain marks on the teeth as the coffee has tannin ingredients that are a kind of polyphenol and break easily in water. The tannins are generally present in some beverages such as tea or wine. Besides, tannins form color compounds that stick easily to the teeth and leave yellow stain marks.

Can black coffee form cavities?

Coffee is an acidic drink that can cause enamel erosion and your teeth may become thin. It is extremely important to know that coffee stain marks do not cause erosion to the enamel or protective outer layer of your tooth. Some substances have higher amount of acid in them that are highly prone to weaken your teeth enamel. When your enamel wears away, the dentin layer gets exposed and forms yellow appearance. The tooth enamel will be responsible for the protection of your teeth by preventing them against tooth sensitivity and decay.  You can lessen the negative effects of acidity by taking a glass of water after your coffee and avoid brushing teeth for at least 15 minutes so that the enamel gets re-hardened after sometime.

What are other foods and drinks that can cause stains to your teeth?

Coffee is not the only beverage which can cause stains to your teeth. If you want to maintain your whiter smile, then you should avoid taking foods and drinks that may leave behind yellowish colour to the teeth. Some foods and drinks that cause stains are the following:

  • Black tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Berries
  • Red wine,
  • Dark-coloured juices,
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Beetroot
  • Balsamic vinegar

How can you drink black coffee without stains on your teeth?

The positive news is that you do not have to stop drinking black coffee to prevent stains on your teeth. Some ways to avoid coffee-stained teeth without giving up your favourite drink are the following:

  • Add milk to your coffee – Your coffee color determines how deeply it can cause stains on the teeth. By adding milk to your coffee, it can lighten the colour of beverage and give your teeth the needed protection from stain acids in coffee.
  • Change the way you drink coffee – Coffee cannot cause stain on the teeth if it would never touch your teeth. When you drink coffee by using a straw, it won’t be touching your teeth. This is one of the suitable ways to avoid teeth stains without the need to stop your morning coffee.
  • Restrict the intake of coffee – You can try to limit the amount of coffee you drink or have other drinks. For example, you can substitute morning coffee with some hot flavored water or a cup of herbal tea.
  • Eat crunchy vegetables and fruits – Some vegetables and fruits such as – apples, celery and carrot can improve the production of saliva and scrub teeth in the form of natural stain marks remover.
  • Take a better toothbrush for cleaning – When it is about removing the leftover plaque or reside from the teeth, you may use an electric toothbrushes which is more effective than the regular brushes. Since coffee is acidic in nature and can soften enamel of your tooth, you should wait for at least 15 minutes after having another cup of coffee and before brushing so that the enamel gets re-hardened.

How can you remove stains from the teeth?

  1. Brush teeth daily: You should brush teeth with a whitening toothpaste so that you can restore your healthy and brighter smile. Since whitening toothpaste is considered to be a safe option for your daily use and has polishing agents as well as chemicals, it can help to get rid of unwanted stains from the teeth surface.
  2. Floss regularly: Since tartar and plaque may accumulate where the toothbrush cannot reach easily, they will attract more bacteria inside your mouth. Besides, they may attract more stains and spots between the teeth and gum line.
  3. Professional mouth cleanings: You need to schedule an appointment with your dentist for routine checkups and mouth cleanings. This may help to get rid of surface stains which occur due to drinking coffee. It is also necessary to improve your oral health and keep it in good condition.
  4. Teeth-whitening treatments: The professional dental treatments can help to eliminate tooth discolorations and stains and improve your attractive smile. One of the misapprehensions about whitening teeth is that it can cause damage to your tooth enamel and improve sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. But these stain marks occur due to the foods and beverages you consume that have not led to irreparable damage. Whitening treatment is simply reversing the effects of getting unwanted stain marks on your teeth.

Thus, visit at and book your appointment to get rid of your coffee-stained teeth from the dentists and regain your attractive smile.

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