Boat Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Boat Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Boat Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker Review


The newly launched boat stone 170 and first we’re gonna see what’s written on the box then we’re gonna move inside the box as you can see on the back there is some information about the speaker. There is some information about the brand itself at the back of the boat branding everywhere you can see over here. Best Bluetooth speaker under 1500.

Inside the box:
You get  Ox cable. I think there might be a charging cable also so this is the charging cable and nothing else inside the box. I think there is a manual and the warranty card so this is the warranty card. Some manuals of the speaker which we actually don’t read for instead of the time I use this speaker and prepare a proper review about it.

Build quality:
The whole shell of the speaker is made out of fabric rubber and a little bit of plastic mostly. You will see the fabric part which feels very premium at this price point. You’re getting such a great build quality and being a boat product. The build quality is damn superb because this brand means a lot when it comes to the build quality.

You can see over here this is a new design like I haven’t seen many speakers with this design this is a triangular design. This looks pretty funky in my opinion and in this blue color you have many color options like black or many. I haven’t checked it out but there are some color options.

The design on portable this will fit in your pocket very easily or you can carry this in your bag. The weight of this device is not that much because this is just a 5-watt speaker and that’s why this will not weigh that much you can get this speaker every day with you within the college on or somewhere around.

The speaker features wise you might not believe you get these many things at this price point. you get the latest do toot for point 2 this is a 5-watt speaker. This is a water-resistant IPX 6 this speaker can connect to another boat stone 170 and play a single song like they can both get sync up together that you can use this like left one and the other one right one I haven’t bought the other one so I purchased pot one right this button when you click this button both will sync together. The same button on the JBL speakers also have the same technology like most of the brands have the same technology photonics is also using the same feature and most of its speaker. If you would like to read on the other Best Bluetooth Speaker under 800.

This speaker has 1,800 MAH which will give you a playtime of about 7 to 8 us in my usage. The box it is written success but it’s about  6 to  9 hours it depends on the volume have used. It on one hundred percent volume and you can not pick up calls on this speaker because this doesn’t have a microphone. Over here this is just for the led part but it’s okay at this price point it’s super good.

Multiple ports:
You get multiple ports like you to see over you do not actually put you get connectivity options over here like you get aux and another SD card slot. You can listen to music with those things and you get a charging point over here so you can listen to FM radio also through this because we have that kind of mode but you don’t have a USB port it’s ok at this price point. I don’t want that also this is a very small speaker so it’s damn ok to me.

Sound quality:
This speaker is damn good like this is just a five-head speaker in it sounded like an 808 or 10 wide speak. It’s that loud the clarity on the speaker is super good there is no distortion at all not by any means. The basS on the speaker is also superb it is very busy for a Wi-Fi VAT speaker like you can see the whole table was shaking the tripod was shaking it is that good.

SO Conclusion:

I concerned about which day I am uploading this post the price of the speaker is thousand rupees which are only for Prime people on Amazon. I bought it for a little bit more money like about 1300 rupees but for that money also the speaker is just a value for anything. Because of the build quality, the features it gives no other speaker will give you at this price point the whole design of the speaker the quality is just superb it’s damn good.

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