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We appreciate that no matter how large or small your legal problem is, it will require a dedicated team of criminal lawyers and solicitors to fight for you. Our professional and understanding lawyers are here to handle your matter with the best care, skill and diligence it deserves, all whilst giving you the guidance and support that you require along the way. Our leading Criminal lawyers, Parramatta, feature an experienced team that have a proven track record of success both inside and outside the court. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients and giving them the results that they deserve.

If someone you know has been arrested, it is extremely important that they obtain legal advice immediately. Our exceptional criminal lawyers can request to speak to them right away to ensure they are aware of their rights and entitlements. Our criminal lawyers act in complex crimes such as murders, sexual assaults, drug importations and frauds and are acknowledged experts in general crime, drink-driving and traffic law (including license appeals). Our international law practice focuses on transnational corporate and financial crime, bribery and corruption, international money laundering, cybercrime, international asset freezing and forfeiture, extradition and mutual assistance law. We also provide specialist advice to States on matters concerning public international law, including diplomatic and consular immunities, international criminal law and the implementation of multilateral treaties. Our approach to litigation is client focused and involves a deep understanding of criminal practice and procedure, both locally and internationally, combined with strategy, legal technical excellence and sophisticated advocacy.

Traffic Law North Sydney

Buckley lawyers are known to be the best traffic lawyers in and around Sydney. Our clients receive the best legal advice and representation whether they are charged with driving occasioning death, negligent driving, drink-driving issue or drug driving charges, needing representation in a licence appeal to the Local Court or an appeal to the District Court and Court of Criminal Appeal and so forth with every traffic offence in between. Buckley’s lawyers can provide you with a clear understanding of your circumstances, your rights, and what might be the outcome of your matter. We try to skilfully guide our clients. It is our job to make your complex matter easier through support and the best legal guidance. Our team of traffic lawyers are experienced, professional, and skilled at providing expert legal advice. We can help you achieve the best possible result from a bad situation. We have successfully achieved positive outcomes for our many clients who have been charged with a range of traffic law, and we strive to maintain our track record.

Our Traffic Law North Sydney services include:

  • discussing your options (and probable outcomes) when we meet with you in person;
  • if possible, liaising with the police prior to you being charged;
  • representing you in court for sentencing (if you plead guilty);
  • representing you in your defended trial (if you plead not guilty);
  • assisting with applications for bail.

To get in touch with us, you can contact us through this number 02 9220 1737, or you can also mail us at admin@buckleylawyers.com.au

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