How To Keep Employees Cool During Summer

Summers mean rising temperatures! As it will be so hot outside, you need to invest time and effort to bring out the fertility of your employees. 

Whether the workplace is outdoors or indoors, the hot weather can be oppressive. As the employees are a part of your business, you need to take care of their health and lifestyle. Make sure that you are doing everything that will keep your employees cool in summer. 

Here are some of the tips you can adopt to cool down your worksite.

Keeping Your Employees Hydrated 

This simple effort can do wonders for your business employees. Store up the water bottles and hand them to your employees multiple times a day.

Don’t let your employees feel dehydrated; this will overheat their bodies causing them to go into heatstroke. Heatstroke is among the heat-related syndromes, with heat cramps being moderate and heat exhaustion in the middle. 

If any of your employees have red and dry skin, a strong pulse, or woozy, you need to make sure that they are pumping water into their bodies promptly. Instead of plain water, you can offer flavored shots to your employees to spice up things. 

Using Portable Air Conditioner Rentals 

Portable air conditioner rentals can be fruitful for the workplace, specifically if the workplace is constantly moving. This will execute cold air to the specific location. You can make the air conditioning Sydney installed for each room of your office so you don’t rely on everyone flocking around one. 


You can keep your employers during the summer by offering a flexible schedule. This will help in increasing their productivity and you will get the best results for business growth. Initiating such a step will show your staff that you understand the inevitable call of inner tubes and refreshing inner rides. 

Hosting Water Activities For Them

To boost the productivity of employees, you can also host an afternoon full of water activities. Make an advance plan so that you can choose the humid day of the workweek.

Not only will this give them a refreshing moment, but it also builds team bonding among employees. You can also make it competitive by offering prizes or perks. 

Encouraging Personal Days 

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean everything will be sunshine all the time. In case any of your employees have a family emergency, depression, or any other issue, the best way of helping is by encouraging them to take a personal day.

Your employee may feel timid to use personal days for the fear that they will be recognized as lazy by their manager. Supporting your employees to use their personal days will help in developing a positive work-life balance in your company. 

Keep Windows Shut During The Hottest Part 

Opening the windows can be a good idea as it helps to cool the office, but if the outside temperature is warmer than inside the building, then you will definitely lose the cool air that has been built up in the office.

Open the windows only when the outside temperature is cooler than inside the building. Keep the windows shut when you have the ducted aircon Sydney running inside. 

Advise Them To Wear Comfortable Clothing

You can allow your staff to wear light and loose clothing instead of heavy and tight fitted clothes. This will make your staff cool and happy; it also reduces the cringe appearance of shirt sweat patches.

You need to make sure that the dress code particularized in your staff contracts reflects this and the staff are aware that they can wear more serene clothing during summer months where convenient.

Avoid Excessive Use Of Electronic Devices

Electronic devices like phones and computers are inexorable in the workplace, but every device gives off the heat that will contribute to keeping the office warm. There are non-critical devices that can be switched off for the day, like display screens or unused computers. Switch the devices off that are not in use. You can keep the office cool by saving electricity.

Moving Staff To The Cooler Areas 

There are certain areas in the office that catches the sun more than other areas. You can take that place into consideration when planning the layout of your office. Move the staff into such shaded and cooler parts of the office. By doing this, you can keep the sunlit parts of the office for the reception or communal spaces.

Give Enough Space To The Staff

Make sure that the office space is not much crowded and should have enough breathing space between them. Having personal space leads to better productivity and global well-being. Make sure that the office premises have enough space for the employees so that they don’t feel crowded and get a place for working.

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