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Countries where forex trading is illegal or banned

Do you want to know about countries that are considered illegal and have too many rules and restrictions? This question increases the curiosity of people interested in forex from different countries. If you’re one of them, you need to carefully read all the laws and restrictions of your country. The forex market is very famous in the UK, USA, and other European countries, but still, some other countries have strict policies against it. All the rules from countries forex considered illegal are based on the better future of the nations and according to country prospects. Here are a few countries that consider forex illegal and have some rules about it.

Why do countries ban forex trading?

Some countries banned forex trading because of their strict rules and regulations. What’s the reason behind forex trading being banned in a few countries? One of the most important reasons that a country considers is safety. As you know, safety is essential for trading and big take over money. In other words, the forex market isn’t very secure and has only a four percent success ratio in the long term. One more critical thing that considers the most is changing the country’s value. As you know, few economies of the country depend on their investments made by countries of peoples.

Countries where forex is illegal

Here are the few countries shortlisted where forex is illegal for the country and beneficial for people living in that country.


India is the second world’s largest population country without forex trading legal. Because they have some strong reason to disagree with the policies of the forex market, similarly, this country has terrible past experiences in forex trading. As you know, opportunity lies in crises. Indians still have a chance to trade with a few authorized brokers.


Fraudulent also hunt French people in the forex market, and the country has taken over a significant loss of money in the past few years. Management of the country takes notice of that, and assembly considers the forex market illegal in France.


Most populations hate forex trading in Belgium and raise their voice on different plate forms. The main reason behind this is unauthorized clients and scammers in forex trading. Belgium decides to take action against the frauds and consider them illegal.

North Korea

North Korea is also very strict with its policies and consistently makes decisions that favor its developing economy. In simple words government of Korea is independent to make decisions. Similarly, their government decided all the countries and banned their currency in North Korea as you know how any kind of trade should be possible without any foreign currency. How can you trade through forex exchange? Where currencies are bann from all over the world. Trade nation sa are in the help of forex market and grows more. North Korean market is completely against the forex trading.


The Philippines name is in the list among those countries which are against forex trading. In 2018 Philippines are taking action and considering foreign exchange illegal in their country. This country is also facing losses in its deals. That’s why they ban forex trading in their country.

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