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Are you looking for a sandal that is sporty and cool but super comfy? A new generation of BIRKENSTOCK quintessential styles is exactly what you are looking for. These are 100% Birkenstocks while being sporty, cool, and casual. The German-crafted sandals are aimed at the young generation who find coolness and idealism equally interesting.  With the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed and bright colors, these sandals are both comfy and edgy. Let’s check out a few such cool and trendy sandals that boast the legendary BIRKENSTOCK comfort in a new look.

Timeless Arizona

The legendary two-strap timeless Arizona sandal for men and women is the epitome of BIRKENSTOCK sandal. The comfy BIRK is delighting men and women for more than four decades now. This version is cool and peppy in fresh shades. The sporty style is for all those who like to stay active and achieve a lot. The upper is in skin-friendly hard-wearing synthetic materialBirkoFlor with matching adjustable pin buckle and the iconic footbed also has a color-coordinated lining for that extremely cool and sophisticated look.

The Poppy Red version of Arizona is the sandal you would want to brighten your day more. Just pair it with simple high-waisted jeans that are tailored above the ankle with a graphic tee or even a voluminous top.  The neutral aspect of the jeans will ground the look any day!


The next version of Arizona plays with a modern Monstera pattern in white and bold jade. Step out of the box with this trendy combination. Pair it with your comfy jeans or with that LBD that you wanted to flaunt with your friends, the look just rocks!


This discussion on Arizona would be incomplete if we don’t talk about Arizona Split in black and white. The style plays with contrast and color blocking for that cool sophisticated look. Wear it with your monochrome outfits effortlessly or pair it with any bold color to break the monotony.


Sporty Tema

An extremely sporty Sandal from BIRKENSTOCK for all those who would like to combine a sporty look with their day-to-day attire is Tema. The contemporary model with the anatomically designed BIRKENSTOCK footbedstands out for its classic hook-and-loop fastener with the bold BIRKENSTOCK logo on it. The upper is made of skin-friendly Microfiber and Polyurethane. This sporty sandal boasts some attractive fresh colors for people who believe in an active lifestyle. Let’s take a deep dive into these color-coordinated options.

Sour Lime color on a Tema is a fresh outlook.  Pair this sporty and cool version with ankle-length solid trousers or even track pants while lounging with friends. A pastel summer dress will also give it a new spin.


Another option for Tema’s trendy color is poppy red. This warm and youthful color will surely catch your attention. It is perfect with white, khaki, or denim trousers or dresses. A white top or tee would make it more effortlessly fashionable while they look extremely chic with a black and white striped dress.


Secure Milano

BIRKENSTOCK Milano is an extension of immensely popular Arizona. It keeps what Arizona is good for and adds a heel strap for maximum grip. Thanks to the slightly more compact upper, the sandals provide more stability to the feet during all kinds of activities. The BirkoFlor upper of this version comes in a new shade of sour lime for all those who want the cool quotient to be higher. The color-coordinated footbed and buckle add up to the sophisticated look. Milano Sour Lime will look good with all neutral colors like Black, white, denim, khaki, etc. Pair it with that colorful summer dress for a more youthful look.


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Take a look at these fresh color options of BIRKENSTOCK and you will surely find the sporty and youthful version that you are looking for!

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