Do You Know The Conditions When You Should See Fertility Experts?

Ready to welcome a new member to your family?

I know you are ready. But the question is – ‘Is your reproductive system ready?’ Because according to the gynecologist, “The reproductive system of a woman and man get ready for pregnancy at different times.” The IVF Center fertility experts answered that the couple should wait for at least one year after continuous attempts to conceive.

When Should You Visit Fertility Centers?

Condition 1:

Age – under 35

Medical condition – Healthy

So, in this case, the couple is usually advised to wait for at least one year before listing a fertility center. As per the sundry pieces of the research, healthy couples take 12 months to conceive naturally.

Medical Condition – Unhealthy

But Yes!! If any of the partners have problems with the reproductive organs, then you should not be waiting for that much time because it may take some time for the fertility doctors to individualize the fertility plan. And obviously, an ideal time will also be taken by you to get rehabilitated.

Condition 2:

Age – over 35

Medical Condition – Healthy

When a woman is under 35, then her graph of fertility slopes upwards, but no sooner she reaches 35, the graph of fertility starts sloping downwards since the couple is deemed to be approaching advanced maternal age.

No doubt, owing to career aspirations, many couples choose to have a baby after 35. Some complications may come up. But the chances to conceive are still good.

Condition 3:

Age – under 40

Medical Condition – Healthy

Once the woman is 40, then the chances of fertility are quintessentially fewer because the eggs are not produced in the required quantity. And those which are produced are not of good quality. Because of which the woman may get pregnant, but she has to be very careful with that since the chances of miscarriage are significantly more.

Condition 4:

Age – under 35

Medical Condition – Inadequate BM

If you are either underweight or overweight, you should be consulting with your gynecologist before grading to conception. Because in most cases, in the inadequate BM levels, the chances of infertility are very high. But in the rarest cases, if she conceives, then each time, either some complications will be there, or she may suffer from miscarriage.

Condition 5:

Age – 18 – 35

Medical Condition – Thyroid condition

The thyroid is that condition of the body which quintessentially triggers the hormones in a negative way that are associated with fertility. So if you have thyroid issues and are trying to get pregnant, you should consult with the gynecologist before trying for that.

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So, after waiting for a suggested period, you should visit the fertility center in any condition of infertility.

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