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LED arrow boards

LED arrow boards are versatile due to their minimal power consumption and low cost of construction. It is quite common to find these lights with small lens diameters around 50 – 60mm. The flashing option is available on both of these. For maximum visibility, they can be mounted on a surface or a pole. The lights could be yellow, green, red, blue, or even gray, depending on your preference.

Arrow boards can be stacked on top of each other to create greater effects. Because it is so easy to put them together or interlock them, these lights are very popular. This also makes them ideal for use as a flashing signal when stranded on a highway. It would help to attract the attention of drivers passing by so they can pull over and help.

These warning signals can be instrumental in attracting drivers’ attention to railroad crossings, construction barriers, bridges, stop signs, rail crossings, or even caution signs. Lighting powered by LEDs can be powered by solar power or by batteries. In addition to their general waterproof nature, they are quite resilient to bad weather conditions, which makes them a good choice for lights. The flashing lights on solar-powered barricades, for example, can operate 24/7. Also, their portability is a great advantage.

LED arrow boards with LEDs are used in many applications. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance and are extremely cost-effective. Deck lights, rapid-fire warning lights, grill lighting, work lamps requiring high-powered lights, warning arrows that indicate directions, 360-degree rotation lights used in ambulances, minibars, and lights for personal safety are all common uses. It is essential to have reliable warning lights for these applications. This will ensure they are always operational and alert people to the dangers they are intended to warn against. Additionally, you can customize display signs and signal boards with LED lights, the way you want. In most places, especially in emergency situations, these lights require little maintenance and power, making them a cheap, disposable, and portable option.

The truck-mount LED arrow boards from Wanco to provide an excellent solution for convoys, TMA (crash cushion) trucks, and emergency repairs crews. Wanco’s exclusive LED design offers wide angularity and enhanced visibility, coming in four sizes with the same features as our trailer-mount models. Additionally, Wanco offers the largest selection of mounting options available for truck mount arrow boards.

LED arrow boards
LED arrow boards
The display panel on the WECO Vertical-Mast LED arrow boards ​always remains vertical and rotates to face traffic. It is highly reliable, visible for miles, and utilizes efficient technology. Using a hand-operated winch, the display is raised and lowered on a vertical tower. There is a 15-light model and a 25-light model available. Access to the connected led arrow boards can be done remotely through Wanco Fleet Manager the internationally recognized signal color for “be aware”, the amber LED light must have quickly become the most widely owned, widely used, and frequently bought type of illumination in the world.


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