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A step-by-step guide to employment pass work visa Singapore

Relocating to another body would require an individual to have a work visa issued by the government. This is also true if you want to migrate and work in Singapore. Since Singapore opens a lot of job opportunities for an individual, their work visa applications are made easier. 

Singapore is  one of the best locations for doing business transactions. That is because of the business-friendly set of laws and policies it implements. So, many business entities have been conducting transactions in the Singaporean economy. These business corporations open a lot of job vacancies not just to Singaporean but also to foreigners. 

Singapore offers different work visas for different types of qualifications. For example, an S pass would be more appropriate for mid-skilled workers. While one of the most sought-after visas is the employment pass Singapore permit. This is intended for foreign professionals that want to work in Singapore. If you wanna know more about this,  we’ll talk about a step-by-step guide to the employment pass Singapore permit. 


If you want to acquire an employment pass Singapore permit then you must know first if you are eligible. The first qualification that they have to meet is to have a job offer in Singapore. These job offers should be in a high-level position such as executive or managerial. Singapore also considers specialized job offers on the same level. 

Another criteria that should be met is to have a fixed monthly salary of at least $4,500 for new applications starting December 1, 2020. While older candidates in their 40s will have to have a higher salary as they are more experienced. The minimum salary requirement will be applied to renewals starting May 1, 2021. 

Since the employment pass Singapore permit is intended for professionals having a good university degree is also required. Additional skills or training are also more preferred when applying for this type of work visa. 

This work visa is open to all foreign nationals that meet all the requirements mentioned above. Interested applicants can know whether or not their qualified by using the self-assessment tool provided by Singapore. 

During the application, an employer or a trusted and authorized third-party agency will have to process the documents. If the employer is located overseas and does not have a registered office in Singapore then they would need to get a Singapore registered company to act as a sponsor. 

Documents required

After determining your eligibility through the self-assessment tool, then you can prepare the necessary documents required. During the application, an individual would need to upload a personal particulars page of their passport. This would determine their identity and confirm their nationality.

If for some reason the candidate’s name on the passport is different from other supporting documents then they would have to settle extra proof. An explanation letter and supporting documents like a deed poll would have to be submitted. After that, an affidavit would adobe required. 

The employment pass Singapore permit visa application would also require the company’s latest business profile or information that they are registered with ACRA. An educational certificate such as a diploma would also be needed during the application. During this process, it is the employer’s duty to make sure that the candidate’s qualifications are genuine. Falsification of these documents can lead to the suspension of the sponsor company. 

Applications process

The application process for the employment pass Singapore permit can be accomplished by the employer or an agency. It would cost around $105 per application and an additional $255 after being issued. Applying online would usually take 3 weeks to be processed. If the employer is overseas the application can be stretched out for up to 8 weeks.

The first thing that the process would require is to submit an application online. This step would be done by the employer or agency. If it is approved then the employer can bring the candidate to Singapore. Once the foreign individual is already in Singapore then the employment pass Singapore visa will be issued. 

Additional steps such as registering the fingerprint and taking the photo of the candidate would be required. These steps are important so that the government can keep track of the identity of foreign nationals working in Singapore. When these steps are done then the candidate can receive the card and continue working in Singapore.

Passes for family members

For this type of visa, Singapore allows holders to bring their families to Singapore as well. If you are already an employment pass holder earning at least $6,000 monthly then here are your options. 

A legally married spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 21 can apply for the dependant’s pass. Legally adopted children can enjoy the same benefits. While a common-law spouse is entitled to a long-term visit pass. This pass is also issued to unmarried handicapped children above 21 and unmarried that children under the age of 21.  

Furthermore, parents of the visa holder can also apply for the long-term visit pass if the holder is already earning $12,000. If the family members want to apply it is also the employer’s duty to apply separately for them. The application can be submitted together or in different occasions with the employment pass Singapore visa.

Other work visa options

Personalized employment pass

If you are an employment pass holder you can upgrade this to the personalised employment pass. The majority of individuals apply for this kind of work visa because it has more benefits. One benefit is that the holder can work in any sector. This is given that they also m requirements in that kind of job.

They can also change employers without having to apply for a new type of work visa. Personalized employment pass holders are only required to notify the Singaporean government when changing job positions for employers. 

Aside from a current employment pass holder foreign nationals who are currently earning $18,000 monthly can also apply for this kind of visa. Those who are already in Singapore can also enjoy staying in Singapore for up to six months even if they do not have a job. 

S pass

This type of work visa is more intended for mid-skilled workers who also want to work in Singapore. One requirement is to be earning at least $2500 monthly. When it comes to passes for family members they can enjoy the same benefits that an employment pass holder is getting. Eligibility for this work visa can also be determined using the self-assessment tool by Singapore. 

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