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How to Enable Different Settings in Malwarebytes Antivirus

Malwarebytes antivirus software is a favourite security product that protects your information from unauthorized access. This program is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and computer phones and can be configured through Malwarebytes retail. On this blog, you can read the approach to control and enable unique settings in Malwarebytes won t open.

Method to enable unique settings in Malwarebytes Antivirus:

Enable full Coverage on Malwarebytes:

To start with, you want to start the Malwarebytes Internet Security program on your own computer system. Then you need to choose the menu and then tap on the gear icon to launch the Preferences tab. At this point, you need to tap on Components and find the entire Security menu. Here, you will need to find it and move the green slider to the left to activate it. When you turn it on, you must choose the Save button to store your personalized preferences. If you still need advice.

Power up Malwarebytes Firewall Settings:

It is possible to allow firewall settings on any Android or Mac device. For this, you must first visit the Play Store and then search for its Family Parental Control program. Next, you need to choose the Install button and wait for the program to install your device. Once the program is configured, start it. At this point, you need to read the License Agreement and then tap on the Continue button. Now, you want to log into the account with your username and password. Here, you need to tap the Main Device and update the preferences as per your requirements. Please note that you can enable child style if you want to talk about your device with your own children.

Backup and Restore Settings in Malwarebytes:

To do this, you must first launch the Malwarebytes security interface on your system. Then on the Menu tab, then you want to tap on the Preferences option and navigate to General Settings.


To make a backup, you will need to click the Backup Settings alternative. Next, you need to choose the part configuration you would like to save and then tap on the Continue button. Next, you need to assign a place where you need to store the backup files and then hit the Save button.


If you want to revive it, you want to discover the backup file and then locate it. Next, you must choose the configuration of the part that you would like to restore. Lastly, tap on the Continue option.

Enable Passive Mode on Malwarebytes:

To enable a passive way, you must open the Malwarebytes Security App on your device. Then, you need to tap on the menu option and select Settings under this. Now from the General tab then you want to choose the Malwarebytes Antivirus Troubleshooting alternative. Then you need to look at the checkbox next to the Allow passive mode option. Next, you need to go back to the Malwarebytes Antivirus Quotas home screen and then hit the Restart button. After reboot, the most passive mode will be enabled.

The above-mentioned method will help to manage and enable unique settings in Malwarebytes antivirus. In case the user needs help, they can visit the Malwarebytes site.

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