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Epic Formula To Resolve Dlink DAP 1610 Range Extender Problem

Get a better wifi network range and coverage in all areas of your office, home, apartments, hotel, coffee shop, restaurants, and other areas then you use dlink 1610 range extender. It strengthens the network range and delivers superior network coverage. It utilizes optimal network standards such as 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac. The Dlink DAP 1610 range extender has 2 powerful 2dbi external antennas that simply handle weak and interrupted signals. In other words, the dlink 1610 wireless range extender is an answer for the router’s weak signal. It really strengthens the router’s weak signal with power antennas. It absolutely works with any wifi router and other networking devices.

There is a 1 x 10/100M Ethernet Port on the dlink 1610 extender that allows making the connection with wired networking devices.it improves wifi signal strength with better coverage. The WPS setup of this extender is secure and quick. Every user easily d’link dap 1610 setup. The smart signal indicator is very helpful to locate the optimum location in all areas of your apartment, home, and office.

Resolve dlink DAP 1610 range extender problem

The dlink extender comes with multiple technologies and features that help to deliver smooth wifi network coverage in the entire home. If your extender does not deliver a steady wifi network connection, not won’t turn on, not access the login page, and some other problem then you can quickly fix it. The useful ways are as follows it.

Change the wireless setting

If your dlink dap-1610 wifi range extender does not deliver a reliable and steady network range then you can change the wireless setting. Because many networking devices connect to the dlink DAP 1610 range extender without your permission. If more than 50 networking devices connect to the extender then it does not deliver a stable network signal. The default password and SSID(network name) are everyone knows. To get a stable wifi network range you can change the wireless setting. To change the wireless setting, you can log in to the range extender. And then go to the setting and choose the wireless setting in the provided setting. Then, input a strong password and unique network name(SSID) in their column and then click Apply/save.

Optimize the power source and power adapter

To wider the network coverage and wifi network speed, you can check the power source and adapter. Maybe the power source is faulty by which your extender won’t turn ON. Aside from this, the power adapter that connects to the extender is also faulty. To resolve this problem the epic formula of the Dlink DAP 1610 range extender is that you can replace the power source and power adapter. Unplug the adapter from the power source and then take a new and proper power adapter. Afterward, attach the power adapter to the proper and new power source.

Verify the firmware of the dlink DAP 1610 range extender

If your d’link dap-1610 wifi range extender continuously blinks orange light that means your wireless extender is needed to upgrade the firmware. For this, you should verify the firmware. To verify the firmware you use the browser URL address bar and then fill Then it will redirect the login admin page of the extender. You can use login like details and then log in to the range extender. After that, navigate the administrative wireless setting of the dap-1610 wifi range extender and then choose the firmware upgrade option. Now, upgrade the firmware. If you want to connect the router to the extender then you use dlinkap. It is very helpful to make the connection.

Factory reset the dlink DAP 1610 range extender

To solve all the network problems you can reset the range extender. The factory reset of the d-link dap-1610 wifi range extender is simple and quick. You can use a reset button. For using the reset button you can locate this button. This button is situated on the top side of the wireless range extender. But this button is very small in size, then you use a Pin or paperclip. While utilizing a pin you can press the dlink dap 1610 wifi range extender button and then check the LED status. If the status turns orange then your extender is reset.

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