Smart EV Charger

Everything To Know About Smart EV Charger

The smartest way to charge your electric car is by way of smart charging. The whole idea behind smart charging is very basic. It is that in contrast to conventional chargers, these kinds of chargers can communicate with one another, your vehicle, and the grid. The outcome of this communication is a more energy-efficient way to charge your car.

Electric car charger installations are necessary for you to charge your vehicle at home. Drivers usually prefer home charging points as they are faster and also have built-in features for safety. A home charger is a weatherproof unit that you can mount to a wall with a linked charging cable for plugging in a cable.

Smart EV Charger – What Is It?

Smart means your device’s capacity to link to other devices. For charging your electric vehicle, a wi-fi EV charger or an ethernet-connected charger enables your charger to communicate with your vehicle, the grid, and the entire charging infrastructure. It means that whenever you plug in your car, your vehicle to charge, the smart charger will transmit information to the charging operator.

How Smart EV Charging Works?

Smart electric car chargers have their real-time data shared with a cloud-based platform. The operator determines the energy a car requires, and the amount which is available. Thus, it helps you to find out easily the ideal time for you to start charging. This method involves the charging operator looking at factors like how much electricity is consumed in your specific region and the number of electric vehicles that are charging at present so that your vehicle charges at a time when it will not overload the electricity grid.

A smart charger, like a Pod Point Home Charger, saves a lot of money of yours. If you need to ensure that your car is charged enough so you can travel at a short notice, you can also make use of the app and command the charger to start working sooner.

What to Consider before Purchasing a Home EV Charger

Home charging stations are a great way to fulfil the electric vehicle battery’s electricity requirement. Here are some points to keep in mind before you get an EV home charging station.

  • Pay attention to location – Many drivers have access to garages. However, those who don’t have may need to set up their charging stations outdoors. When you install it outdoors, your charging station is not fully protected from environmental aggravators. If you choose to purchase a charging station, don’t forget to find out about the durability of the charging unit, and for how much time will it last when it is continuously exposed to environmental elements like wind, sun, and water.
  • Pay attention to size – There are many charging stations that are defined by their bulky size. It makes them difficult to move. They also require permanent hardwiring. Go for a charging station that has an easy-mount design and can be set up in spots that are convenient for you.
  • Easy installation – Electric charger installation at home can be challenging. You should take into account the installation cost when you buy the charger. Chargers that come with a compatible plug are easily installable.
  • Benefit of charging from your own comfort – Look for a charger that you can easily connect to your home wi-fi. This kind of charger will provide you access to every function of your charging appliance, right from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. These types of chargers also come with responsive dashboards where you can easily choose to start or stop charging.

Lastly, the utility electric rates will differ according to the total usage of the grid. Electric vehicles utilise much electricity, so charging them at home, especially at peak times, and with other electrical devices turned on can prove to be costly.

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