Everything you need to know to achieve industrial decoration

Everything you need to know to achieve industrial decoration

Everything you need to know to achieve industrial decoration. The industrial decor is a bold exposure of constructive elements than other styles trying to hide. The industrial style is often used in modern loft apartments, commercial spaces, and country houses. It stands out with an unfinished but cohesive and chic look combining neutral undertones with wood and metal surfaces and objects. In the following article, you will discover lots of ideas and tips to transform your home with this type of unique decoration. Do not miss the opportunity to bring an industrial and personal touch to your interior. Try out some easy DIY projects using the tutorials below!

Let’s start with the distinctive features of the industrial style that should be kept in mind:

Visible pipes, ducts, and ventilation ducts

Unlike other styles, industrial decoration features all the constructive elements – pipes and conduits, ventilation ducts, etc. This is why, if you are planning to buy a new home, going for the industrial style will be a great idea. This will allow you to leave the raw elements exposed without wasting money concealing them. Exposed pipes combine perfectly with gray walls and create a deep contrast to the white walls. The concept of exposed pipes can also be integrated through the furniture.

Wood and metal surfaces

The other key feature for the industrial style is the wood and metal surfaces. In the typical interior, one sees an abundance of objects and metal surfaces – on the ceiling, the staircase, or the windows. The presence of wood at floor or wall level is also common. We should not forget about the different variations of a ceiling with beams. We also see stainless steel cabinets, exposed ducts, custom industrial hoods. Very often, we are passionate about objects that combine wood and metal – a central kitchen island, a coffee table in the living room, and landscape drawing.


In principle, the top shades are from the dark palette – black, brick red, brown. Gray in all its variations is also a flagship color. But it’s no surprise that neutral tones and earthy colors are also a trend for this style as these shades help soften the atmosphere by bringing in visual warmth. In a more modern spirit, we can add some objects in more vivid colors. However, we must not exceed the measure.

Ceiling, walls, and floor

The open ceiling with pipes and beams is the most authentic alternative. A large part of industrial spaces impresses us with brick or concrete walls. If you don’t feel like completely rebuilding the walls, you can opt for brick pattern wallpaper. Floor side. To stay true to the industrial style, most people prefer polished concrete flooring. Others, looking to establish a contrast, choose between wood or stone options.


Lighting also takes an important role in industrial decoration. There are several unique and impressive models of the industrial chandelier. For focused lighting, we turn to floor lamps or pendant lights. Track lighting is suitable for some kind of ambient lighting. Floor lamps or pendant lights in the metallic finish are perfect for this style.

Decor and furnishings

Even though the industrial style is characterized by minimalist trends, you can experiment with the decor. To avoid creating an atmosphere that is too raw and dark, the following tips must be taken into account: Mix the industrial style with other trends such as vintage, Scandinavian, shabby chic, etc. Add some plush decorative pillows and plush rugs to contrast the industrial elements. Also think about green plants, especially large ones. Go for vintage furniture and antique lighting.

DIY project – industrial wooden and metal stool

Everything you need to know to achieve industrial decoration

Materials needed:

  • An old bar stool
  • A matt black spray paint
  • A penetrating wood stain
  • A round slice of wood

How to achieve the transformation in industrial style:

  1. Start by unscrewing the top of the stool.
  2. Turn it over and paint with the black spray.
  3. Then attach your new wooden seat.
  4. All you have to do is apply the penetrating stain to the wood.

DIY Project – Build a coffee table

You will need:

  • 4 wooden planks of the same size
  • 4 long pine blades
  • 5 short pine blades
  • Screws
  • A miter saw
  • An electric drill
  • A matt black spray paint
  • An opaque wood stain

Steps to follow:

  1. To form the support frame: use 2 of the long pine blades and 2 of the short pine blades (picture 2). Build a rectangle.
  2. To form the top frame: use the other 2 long pine blades and 3 of the short blades. Build a rectangle and divide it in half using the third pine strip.
  3. Assemble the frames using the screws as shown in the tutorial below.
  4. Assemble the 4 wooden planks and install them on the top frame. Use the electric drill to make the holes.
  5. Apply a coat of matte black paint to the legs and table stand.
  6. Use the opaque stain on the table surface.

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