Everything you should know about Pay stubs

Pay stubs, which is incredibly beneficial for everyone who works in any kind of organization and gets a salary by check or in the form of cash. It functions as a source of income evidence. Employees receive information about their pay, including how much was withheld and why.

Employers send pay stubs with each paycheck so that employees can see what their net income is, how much has been deducted, and how much they have saved.

In this article, we will discuss about –

What is pay stubs?

What is the role of the pay stub for employees?

Which software you should use for your accounting purpose?

And many more things.

What is pay stubs?

The record that represents how much employees are paid is known as a pay stub, sometimes known as a paycheck stub or pay slip.

Employees receive a pay stub at each pay period. It shows their total earnings, deductions from that amount, and your net pay after deductions for the pay period.

Your pay slip will include the following information:

  1. Total amount you earn before deduction
  2. Deductions from taxes

     3.Other considerations (health insurance, life insurance, social        securities)

 4.Salary (net) (the amount of pay you “take home” after deductions)

Your company will send you a pay stub, which will include the following information:

The pay stub will be attached to the paycheck if employees are paid by paper check.

If an employee is paid by direct deposit into their bank account, the pay slip should be available to print online if the company does not supply a printed copy.

What is the purpose of pay stubs?

Pay stubs are crucial for a variety of reasons, including visibility, accountability, and payroll compliance. Employees should be allowed to view what deductions and withholdings their employers make from their gross pay. Employees and bosses can prevent unneeded confusion or hostility by having everything set out on the table.

One of the most important reasons for paystubs is to provide proof of income. You may be requested to produce numerous most recent check stubs in various money-related circumstances, in addition to a credit check.

Employee information

Employee information is a document that contains all the personal details of an employee such as name, employee id, date of joining etc.

Gross wages

 Gross wages are wages that employees get after all deductions. A person’s gross wages are equal to their yearly pay if they are a salaried employee. Hourly workers multiply the number of hours worked by the hourly rate to arrive at their gross wage.

 Net income salary

The salary, employee get in-hand after all deductions such as leave deduction, PF deduction, Loan deduction, etc.

Working hours

Working hours is a time period in which employees work. Every organization has their own norms of working hours like 9 AM to 6 PM or usually it is for 8 hours a day.an employee gets their salary according to these working hours.

Paid rates

Paid rates are the rates at which employees are paid based on factors such as how many hours they work. It’s different for every region. Paid rates is an amount fixed by the owner, which they pay to their employees according to their work.


Deduction is the process of deducting a certain amount of money for taxes, additional leave, or absenteeism.

Example of pay stubs

Pay stubs include all the necessary information related to employees. Such as net worth , leave taken, deduction, etc.

Employee name                                                            Pay period begin:

 Abc                                                                               pay period end:

1234                                                                              net worth:




Earning      Rate   Hours     Net Income                             Deduction


30000           100             8             29000                                            Tax Deduction     -1000










                                          30,000                                      29000


Software for Pay stubs-QuickBooks

Now we have talked a lot about Pay stubs. It includes many things that you have to keep in mind , when you are offering a pay stubs. Pay stubs require a lot of calculations and if you are doing it manually, you definitely make some mistakes.

So, to make your work easy and hassle free, you should use accounting software called QuickBooks. It is specially made for accounting purposes.

quick Books has all the necessary features you require at any stage of accounting. The best part is, it is easy to use.

You can easily create, print, and edit pay stubs in QuickBooks.it takes  only a few steps and your pay stubs are in your hand.


Employers send pay stubs with each paycheck so employees can see what their net income is, how much has been deducted, and how much they have saved. Pay stubs are crucial for visibility, accountability, and payroll compliance. They also provide information about deductions and withholdings from gross pay.

When providing pay stubs, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind. Pay stubs need a lot of computations, and if you perform them manually, you will almost certainly make mistakes.

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