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The safety of industrial buildings depends on the coordination of a series of elements. It guarantees the protection of the technical and human equipment that is in place. This type of facility has a special risk that makes it potentially vulnerable to fire. In case of occurrence, the ship must be equipped with everything necessary to minimize its damage.

In Spain, this important aspect for any company in the industrial sector is contemplated in Royal Decree 2267/2004. Where the Fire Safety Regulations in industrial establishments appear. Compliance with this regulation guarantees the protection of the employees of the industrial warehouse. The assets contained therein (machinery, computer equipment, final products, etc.)

Depending on the characteristics of the industrial building, specific fire protection measures must be installed. Complying with current regulations on protection against industrial fires.

Fire detection systems

When a fire breaks out in an industrial building it is essential that the alarm systems emit a loud and deep sound that all employees can hear so that they begin to evacuate the building.

These alarms are equipped with a fire detection system, which is capable of analyzing changes in temperature or detecting smoke. When the equipment detects variations caused by a fire, the alarm system must be activated automatically. In large industrial buildings, it is important that several alarms are placed throughout the premises so that they can be activated in unison and thus notify everyone present.

Manual alarms are also important in case a human person detects a fire source on his own; In this way, you will be able to notify as quickly as possible by activating the alarm and activating the evacuation system.

Evacuation systems

After the alarm has been activated, all those present in the industrial warehouse must evacuate the warehouse in a calm and orderly manner, avoiding riots and crowds and following an order. To safely vacate the building, all employees must know the emergency evacuation routes to get to them. These routes must be properly signposted so that employees can properly read the signs and follow the pertinent indications until they can get outside and be safe. Said signage of the evacuation routes must comply with quality standards that ensure they can be seen clearly and clearly by anyone, even in the dark.

It is important that periodic evacuation drills are carried out so that staff know the protocol to follow in the event of a fire, and thereby expedite the process in the event of a real fire.

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Fire extinguishing systems

In the field of protection against industrial fires there are many solutions to extinguish a fire.

The placement of hydrants and water supply systems will be essential. It be able to put out the fire with the help of a hose. The fire hydrants or BIEs help supply water flow firefighters to smother any fire.

Another essential system that every industrial building must have is a dry column. An element used by firefighters to be able to derive water from the outside and lead it inside to put out the fire.

In any building or industrial warehouse. It is essential that there are various fire extinguishers that allow us to put out small sources of fire.

The sprinklers are a foolproof way to ease the ravages of the fire as soon as this has arisen.

Other systems such as extinguishing fires by water mist, by gaseous agents, by dry chemical powder. Or by physical foam will be essential to guarantee the safety of any industrial building.

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