Flowering Plants one can buy in Monsoon

We possibly can’t thank Almighty enough for the creation of beautiful flowers. Flowers surely tend to make this planet a more beautiful, habitable place for us humans. There’s so much to admire about flowers from their unmatched natural beauty to their fragrance to their hidden symbolism. There is so much value and wisdom to take and learn from flowers. Some love to go on endless flower plant online shopping to pamper their dear ones on various occasions or just to convey what they mean to them. Other than these qualities to look forward to, some flowers tend to possess some medicinal properties as well. Enough said about flowers, let’s talk about some flowering plants that one can buy. All flowering plants tend to have a gala time during monsoons – getting drenched in the showers, dancing with joy and blooming with grace. Well here are a few flowering plants that one can buy during the ongoing season of the monsoon. You will easily find each of these flowering plants online as well as offline over some repeated nurseries.


Marigolds are one of the easiest flowering plants to grow. They tend to bloom all throughout the season, making your garden look beautiful. They attract alot of sunshine with their appeal and colours, alongwith some garden friends like butterflies, ladybugs, bees, etc. Marigold plants tend to germinate very easily hence blessing its gardener with satisfaction. As marigolds tend to have a pungent strong smell growing it next to some vegetable/fruit plant seems like a way to save them from pesticides and insecticides.


Just like marigolds, cosmos are another annual floral beauty. For those who don’t know a cosmos plant, these tend to bear tiny daisy like flowers which sit on top of slender stems. Cosmos plant can even survive in poor soil conditions, unlike other plants. This flowering plant can be grown easily with its seeds.


Helianthus annuus aka sunflower is an annual flowering plant. Helios meaning sun and anthos means flowers, sunflower gets its scientific name from Greek. Getting its name for its bright yellow colour, sunflowers are heliotropic plant which means they turn themselves in the direction of the sun.


Native to Asia, North America, & South Africa, balsam is every Victorian garden favourite flowering plant. This flowering plant species is known to posses some ornamental and medicinal properties. Its seed soil is a well known  anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drug. It requires partial to full sunlight and can be easily propogated by seed.


Add colours to your garden, this monsoon season as you bring some colourful Zinnia plants. They seem to be a pleasing sight from late spring until the first frost in fall. For evey first time gardeners, this is the plant of your dreams – so easy to grow and grows in no time. Also Zinnia flower plants comes in different colours and sizes. They even have low maintenance requirements which makes it a perfect plant for every busy or hobbyist gardener.


As beautiful as its name is, thsi flower is sure to fetch some nice compliments to its gardener, once planted. Salvia aka sage plants can make impressive mid summer border flowering plants. These can bloom from summer to entire autumn. Their aroma tends to attract butterflies, ladybugs and other garden friendly insects. Salvias are heat and drought tolerant and grows upto 18 inches to 5 feet tall. They act as a wonderful natural insect repelling plant due to their strong pungent smell.


Also goes by the name spiderflower and grandfather’s whiskers, Cleome hassleriana is a flowering plant with attractive features. Cleome is native to South America and resembles to another popular flower called clammy weed which is native to North America. They come in white, pink, purple as well as pastel colours and is one of the most grown perennial flowers of all times. It gets its spiderflower name for its long stamens which gives it that look. Cleome can easily grow in areas where lots of light and well-drained soil seem feasible.


Prefers sandy well drained soil, Portulaca plants are an absolutely beauties. If seeds are spread very well, these beauties grow in no time under full sunlight. Portulaca plants are one of the most beautiful low-growing groundcover type plant that is sure to make a woidnerful addition to your garden.

Cocks Comb

Celosia cristata aka cocks comb plant resembles quite like rooster’s head. They are commonly find in their red variety and tend to make a bright addition to every gardener’s flower bed. They make excellent border plants and are both heat and drought tolerant. Cocks comb plant prefers full sun and rich, well draining soil.

So, monsoons are here and so are your choices for planting some flowering plants that do well in this particular season, what are we still waiting for?

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