9 Ways to Gain Attention from Brands on Instagram

Gone are those days when people used to rely on magazines, TV, and other traditional forms of advertising to be noticed. Instead, brands are jumping into influencer marketing since it is more effective and cost-efficient. Instagram has tremendous reach and has gained huge popularity, and that is no secret to us. 500 million people engage with the platform, and more than one billion people use the app every month. But getting brands to notice you on Instagram is not going to be the easiest task.

As per recent research, 26% of Instagram users follow new brand accounts discovered via the Explore tab. Now you might question how people really get noticed by brands and get a chance to be influencers. Lucky for you that I have done all the groundwork for you. Over two years, I have worked with brands, so I feel confident in sharing the best insights on the do my homework topic. Whether you want a seasoned veteran or are interested in being an influencer, this blog post will be perfect for you.

1.Create consistent content on Instagram

This goes without saying if you want to get yourself noticed on Instagram, you will have to be consistent with creating content. This includes using consistent theme colours, using the same voice in all posts and using all forms of content creation. For example, while creating captions on your post, consider phrasing them in the same way as you would talk. And try using all types of content creations. Like me, many of you might have full-time jobs, so we often do not have much time to create content. So to maintain consistency, what I do is create content in bulk so that I can post throughout the week.

2.Get to know your audience

If you are clueless about your audience, you will never get your any brand’s attention. Once you figure out your audience, you will identify the brands that can see you as a success as their sponsor. First, gather basic information about your audiences like age, gender, and geographical location of your core demographic. Then, pay attention to the posts they like the best. Find out what time they stay most active.

Gathering demographic information will prove useful as it will help you pitch partnerships with the right brands.

3.Engage with others in your niche

Start engaging with others on Instagram who share the same niche as yours. If you focus on accounts in the same niche, you will be able to get in front of the brand’s eyes. This is the fastest way to get noticed by topic generator brands.

4.Make a concise Instagram Bio

Consider your Instagram bio as an elevator pitch to brands. Your bio is the first thing that your brand will see as they come to your page. If all the required information is not readily available, they will find someone else. So I am warning you not to miss the chance. Social media reps and PR are extremely busy, and thus, they do not have so much time to hunt your email.
I will suggest you have your location, a brief sentence or phrase about your blog, a little bit about you, and your email address.

5.Use hashtags and tags

Tags and hashtags are some of the best ways to invite interaction and engagement. Make sure you incorporate all the right tags and hashtags into your captions. It will make your content more discoverable. Tag influencers or companies using the same hashtags to gain exposure among your audiences. You are allowed to add up to 30 hashtags to your post. Use this as an advantage to make the user experience easier and positive.

 6.Pitch paid sponsorships

It is completely fine to reach brands and offer your services. You can land on some gigs with the right pitch. But, unlike others, you will not have to wait around for brands to find you.

All you have to do is look for brands that invest time and energy into their Instagram presence. Then, start working with smaller brands, and this will help you build your portfolio.
After you have made a list of brands that might partner with you, send an email to them. Clearly and briefly outline who you are as a person in your pitch. Make sure you include your achievements as well, which makes you an expert in the field. Next, explain to them what makes you perfect for the brand. Along with that, include data like your average engagement rate and the number of followers.

7.Honesty over anything

Honesty is a must-have quality if you want your brands to know you on Instagram. Be honest when you are posting comments or photos to your feed and Insta-story. Your genuineness and truthfulness will attract the brand. They look for people on whom they can trust or rely on their brand. You need to understand that you need not talk bad about brands just to get noticed by them. You will get their attention, but they will never contact you. They will move on to other potential instagrammers who can build positive images for the brand.

8.Go creative with visual stories

Online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. The audience finds video content to be most interactive. Recognising this, Instagram nowadays prioritises visual content mostly. They have a greater tendency to grab the audience’s attention than still photos. It fuels retention.
Recently, I have come to know from Forbes 95% of people claims to retain the message of a video as compared to 10% of message retention with text only. If we talk about call-to-action, 95% of people are more likely to remember content after watching a video. But don’t try to overdo it by making video content lengthy. As per recent research from AdAge, 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds. You can use various features to fit your posts like motion filters, animation, Boomerang and others.

9.Pay attention to what’s trending

One of the most effective ways to seek attention from the brand is by paying attention to trending topics and getting a reaction from people. Take a look at trending topics the brands are discussing, and then put your own twist to it to illustrate your post. Make sure your post is meaningful and demonstrates your efforts. You can also use viral memes where you add relevant content to the brand.


Hopefully, the tips help you get attention from eminent brands on Instagram. Of write my assignment course, it will take time, effort and perseverance, but if you follow all the tips, you will differentiate yourself in the business industry and engage with your followers on a personal level.
Once brands start knowing you, you will be surprised by the number of DM you get within a minute. Do not forget to tell us your success story.

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