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Google is an American company, and it is most commonly known as a search engine. It was initially known as BackRub, and in 1996, it was launched on Stanford University’s network. Futhermore, it was initially started as a research project of Larry Page and Sergey Bin, who enrolled in this University as a computer science graduate program in 1995.

It is one of the vast majority using search engines, and its massive income comes from advertising. While, it is branched into several areas such as cloud computing, hardware, and software. 

Initially, it started working as a search on the World Wide Web, but recently the company moved into mobile manufacturing. Pixel was its first mobile phone manufactured by google itself. Its different departments are working as units such as Google Cloud, which contains G-Suite, the company’s different applications like Gmail and Google Drive. 

Over time, the company changes according to the public interests such as Alphabet, and it is the leading subsidiary and operates as an umbrella to the internet interests. Sunder Pichai is the current CEO of Google, while Larry Page is the CEO of Alphabet. 

·       How to use Google

Google enables you to search anything from World Wide Web servers. For searching online, type in your web browser. At the same time, a search bar opens where you can search for anything. Write something and hit the search bar. You will be able to see different categories and subcategories as links in the list.  

You can use the google search engine on almost every device that can use the internet, such as smartphones, computers, Mac, and all other devices.

·       Google Products and Services 

Let’s explore the products and services that google provides for different purposes that can help transform learning and explore them more useful.

·       Google Workspace for Education 

For the education sector, Google also provides a workspace to make collaboration easier and streamline instruction better. In addition, it is fast and secure to keep your learning environment risk-free. Utilize these tools for better collaboration and connection. Using this tool, you can keep every student’s identity, work safely with its proactive security features. 

To enhance its capabilities in education sectors, Google provides several tools to meet your organization’s needs. These tools are available for free to use. Google’s basic goal is to save your time organizing your documents, sharing with students & teachers, and grading all in one place.

·       Google Classroom 

As we all know, Google provides a massive range of tools and services to make things easier. For example, providing an easy learning platform for students also provides a free blended learning platform. In addition, it can manage all types of class management tasks such as creating, distributing, and grading assignments for students. 

The main goal of this Google Classroom tool is to streamline the lectures and share files between students and teachers in one place. 

·       Chromebooks

Chromebooks are a new type of computing-designed laptop or tablet. It runs on the Linux-based Chrome OS and helps you get things done faster and easier. It is a built-in google platform that has cloud storage. In addition, it provides multiple layers of security. 

Windows and Android apps can’t be able to run on this platform. But, and one of the best things, you can use offline-ready apps that enable you to keep using Chromebooks when your device is not connected to the internet. 

·       Google Meet

Google Meet is an online streaming app developed by Google. It is the latest and the combination of two apps the Google hangouts and Google Chat. It can be used for general purpose meetings—video and audio streaming. You can communicate as an individual as well as with the group. 

It is a faster, easy-to-use, and free tier app that enables 100 participants a meeting. You can have 40 minutes of meeting limits for free. You can have only 60 minutes of meeting for free. For unlimited access, you may have to purchase a subscription. 

·       Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile application paired with the car’s head unit to display your car to focus while you drive. Google developed it to make the drive easier. It helps to mirror the features of an android device such as a smartphone, car dashboard information, and the entertainment system. 

By using this app, you can control features like navigation, road maps, attending your calls, writing messages, and playing music. 

·       Android OS 

Android OS is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel developed by Google. It is a combination of the massive range of open-source platforms to make things easier and better. 

Andorid OS is the primary purpose for touchscreen devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and digital watches. It is a full-fledged platform with all types of features support for devices. 

·       Calendar

Google calendar is a time and schedule management app that helps to create and edit your events. Google’s developed it to make things easier to schedule and manage. So that they develop Google Calendar in 2009. It comes as a mobile app and a web app. 

Using this app, you can manage your events, schedule your meetings, and create events for upcoming meetings. In addition, it makes you notified about the upcoming event and sends a notification to all the participants to join the meeting. 

·       Connected Home

Technology has changed the world and made everything easier. Even you can control all your home system by just pressing a button. Connected Home is a home automotive system that helps you to control your home appliances remotely. Google’s developed this smartphone app. 

It helps to remotely control and manage the non-computing things such as fans, lights, and other things in the home with just a smartphone or tablet. 

·       Contacts

Google Contacts is a software solution that helps to save your contacts in the cloud. It is developed by Google’s to manage your contacts. But, unfortunately, it often happens that you lose your contact when losing your SIM card or stealing your phone. 

This app can store all of your contact in the cloud while you can save them on the mobile phone as an option to Gmail. Moreover, it enables you to access these numbers from anywhere. 

·       Drive

The drive is a cloud storage system provided by Google. This is a web and mobile application that can store almost all types of data in a cloud. Using an individual app, you can get at least 15 GB of cloud space. It enables you to store your documents, videos, apps, and photos, and other files. 

You can use only 15 GB of space for free, but you can also extend your cloud space by getting a premium account. 

·       Google Alerts

To get things up to date, google provide Google Alert services. It is a subscription-based service that notifies you of a content change description. The google search engine company offers it. When you subscribe to some source and allow it to make you notice when it is updated, it sends you an email with an alert message. 

It finds new results such as web pages, news updates, blogs, or scientific research that matches your search preference. 

·       Google Font

Well, Google Fonts is a huge library that contains a massive range of Font. It helps us to find an effective font for graphics purposes. It provides this service for free. With plenty of Fonts makes it easier to make your graphics quickly and effectively. 

It includes free and open source font families and APIs for using fonts Via CSS and Android.

·       Google Play

Google Play is also called a google Playstore. It is a pre-installed app on almost every device. Moreover, it is a digital distribution service that Google’s developed. It allows access to a massive range of tools and apps from the Google Playstore cloud. 

Google Play enables you to find the latest games and other useful mobile applications to meet your requirements. By signing in to your google’s account, you can download these apps for free.   

·       Google Translate

Google Translate is a digital service provided by Google’s Company. It can translate the text written in a language to your preference. Thus, it makes things easier to understand. It is free and provides you with unlimited access. 

It makes the communication effective and better to understand. This comes in a mobile app and also as a web app. It is a multi-language translations system based on artificial intelligence. 

·       Map

Google Map is one of the most important mobile applications for the leading generation. Due to technology, everything is growing up, and no one helps each other. So Google’s developed a Google map application that leads your way to the destination. 

One of the best features that it provides is a voice system. If you are uneducated and don’t know how to use it, once you start your journey, it will ask you to take a turn if you are away from the leading path by speaking. 

·       Search

Google search is one of the most important applications that helps you to find your results. As it is a World Wide Web search engine, it helps find out maximum results of your search from multiple servers. 

It makes things simple and accessible with just a single click. 

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