Asus repeater device

How do I access my Asus repeater device?

To access your Asus repeater device, open the web browser in your computer or google chrome. In the search bar of the browser, type for Asus extender login to access the Asus configuration page on the web address. Then a login page opens. Enter your username and password in the given bar and enter as an admin.

Asus repeater device setup

Step1:- Turn on your Asus extender and then plug in the Asus extender to the main power outlet and then wait until the light of the Asus extender turns into the white or green color on your extender.

Step2:- When your Asus extender turns into white/green color then press or hold the WPS button on your Asus extender for 2-3 seconds and the light starts flashing to the WPS button of the extender and waits for 2-3 minutes to connect to the main router.

Step3:- Now place your Asus extender to the main router and you can also customize your Asus extender settings by simply logging into the Asus extender web page by typing the default web page

How to place your Asus repeater device Properly?

There are many best positions to place an extender midway between the router and the extender but it should be within the range of the router’s network. There are many methods given on the internet to get a proper position for your extender. when the signal gets lost it is called a dead zone. So place the extender at that place where you get a signal from the router and then transfer it further to the extender.

For more easy access to your Asus extender let’s get this in some quick easy steps.

Step1: Open a web browser and enter the web address

Step2: After you log in to the Web for the first time, you will automatically redirects to the Quick Internet Setup (QIS) page.

Step3: Click the Choose operation mode.

Step4: Click to the Repeater mode

Step5: Search for Wi-Fi signals or any Internet connection.

Step6: Choose the option of Wi-Fi network name and click it.

Step7: Type the Wi-Fi’s network key and click on the next option.

Step8: Click the Automatic IP address.

Step9: Click to the Apply button.

Step10: For the first time, you also have to enter your username and password for the login of the router.

Step11: The setting is finished for your Asus extender.

What if not working

If your Asus extender’s web page is not working efficiently, then there may be an error message while accessing the web address. So it can be resolved by taking a few actions by checking some points that are given below.

First of all, try to access the login page and use the default IP address for an Asus extender, and then you can find it at the product label or quick installation guide for your range extender.

Connect your Asus extender through your wired connection. A wired connection can be made by Ethernet cable.
Reset your Asus extender to default settings and if still, it’s not working then try again.
You can also try from a different computer or laptop.
Reboot your extender otherwise clear the cache of the browser
Try the IP address from a different web page.
Unplug the connection and all the cables of the extender and try again.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Q1: What should I do if my Asus extender does not support WPS?

A1: You can use Method Two to set up the RP-N12.

Q2: Why is it that I cannot see the login page after entering http:// in the browser?

A2: Ensure that your computer connects to the extender network only, and set your computer to Obtain an IP address automatically.

Q3: Why is that the Wi-Fi LED does not light up after completing Method Two?

A3: You may have entered the wrong router SSID and password. Reset your RP-N12, double
check your router SSID/password, and set up RP-N12 again.

Q4: How do I reset RP-N12?

A4: Using a pin, press the RESET button for about two (2) seconds. Wait for about five (5) seconds until the Wi-Fi LED flashes red.

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