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How Pigmentation Treatment Helps to Remove Spots from the Face

A lot of people suffer from the problem of pigmentation these days. It occurs mainly in children during puberty or in adults over 30 years of age. It causes dark and uneven patches to develop on the surface of the skin. This makes the skin look damaged and may cause the person to get concerned about how they look. Well, the good thing is that pigmentation treatment is possible. There are natural as well as chemical procedures to reduce pigmentation. You can also get help from the best skin specialist in Jaipur. Continue reading if you want to learn more about pigmentation and how to cure and avoid it.

 What is pigmentation? Why does it occur?

Pigmentation: The synthesis of melanin is altered as a result of certain conditions, and cells tend to create more melanin, causing the skin to darken in particular areas. The skin looks uneven and patchy because of these dark spots.

Causes: Prolonged exposure to the sun is one of the most common causes of excessive melanin production. Pigmentation can also happen as a side effect of taking some medicines. Other factors like Addison’s disease unbalanced hormone production in the body during puberty or pregnancy. We have listed some practical ways for pigmentation removal.

Treatment of Pigmentation

The only thing good about pigmentation is that it is generally harmless, and pigmentation treatment is possible. You can get help from a dermatologist or use chemical and natural methods to get rid of dark patches. Though any treatment cannot guarantee complete

skin pigmentation removal, most methods are effective and show excellent results. We have listed out natural and chemical procedures recommended by dermatologists and ensure skin lightening with time.

 Chemical Treatments

a) Lightening creams are the most common over-the-counter pigmentation treatments that gradually lighten the skin by applying once or twice a day. Always select the creams full of such ingredients as hydroquinone, licorice extract, N-acetylglucosamine, and vitamin B3 because these all are found as good for pigmentation removal.

b) Retinoids – This skincare ingredient is available over the counter, but it is better to buy it with a prescription from your Dermatologist for best results. Retinols are obtained from vitamin A and penetrate deep into the skin to cure wrinkles and pigmentation. Their structure is small so that they can reach deep layers of your skin.

c) Laser resurfacing – This process involves using solid light beams to damage the dark skin cells and promote cell regeneration. Some laser treatments are intense (ablative), and others are less harsh on the skin (non-ablative), and the pigmentation treatment best for you can be recommended by your Dermatologist.

d) Face acids – When you apply a face acid on your skin, it exfoliates and causes your skin to shed the upper layer of the epidermis. As a result, it Promotes new cells to grow in the place of the damaged ones and helps to reduce pigmentation and lighten skin.

 Natural Remedies

a) Apple cider vinegar –Researchers have found out that acetic acid helps in skin pigmentation removal. This acid is the main component of apple cider vinegar. Using apple cider vinegar is also a good option just mix the apple cider with a suitable amount of water and start rubbing it on your face and then wash your face after 5 minutes. Follow this process every day and see its positive effects.

b) Green tea extract – Green tea extract can be beneficial for natural pigmentation treatment. Studies have shown that green tea extracts have a fantastic effect on dark spots and can be applied to the skin to reduce pigmentation. Rub a slightly heated green tea bag on the affected area for 5 minutes every day for best results.

c) Milk- Like milk it products curd and buttermilk are also good sources of lactic acid. This acid helps in the whitening of the skin and hence can be used for pigmentation spots. For making dark circles light you can rub the cotton ball which is soaked in milk, run them at the area of your face

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 Prevention of pigmentation

There are a lot of ways by which you can prevent your skin from developing dark spots. These are such methods in which the melanin production in your body doesn’t get disturbed, and Hence excessive melanin production is stopped.

a) Moisturize – Use good moisturizers with substances like glycerin and hyaluronic acid can prevent pigmentation by boosting the growth of new cells and protecting them from harmful rays.

b) Don’t pick – Stop picking and scratching any mosquito bite, pimple, or blackhead on your skin. This will reduce the inflammation in that area and prevent it from getting dark.

c) Use sunscreen – Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50 to stay safe from harmful rays. Say no to any such medicines which alter your skin sensitivity to sunlight.

After using these small things you can easily avoid the problems of pigmentation treatment.

 The Final Say About Pigmentation Treatment

Now that you have read everything, we are sure you know a lot more about pigmentation and the advantages of pigmentation removal. You should do your best to prevent these dark spots from developing, but in case they appear, we recommend you use the natural pigmentation treatment first. They do not cause harm to your skin and are less harsh than chemical and laser techniques. Consult a dermatologist if you have any confusion and select the best treatment as per your skin.

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