How to Be a Better Skier: 8 Ways to Improve Your Skiing

How to Be a Better Skier: 8 Ways to Improve Your Skiing

We know there are always opportunities to improve my skiing to maximize the fun and joy of the mountain in any season. From a short crowned ski holiday in the park to a fresh wave of snow – a little technical trick is enough to put a smile on your face! We asked a longtime ski instructor to outline nine ways the average person can improve this winter:

1. Short turns

A practical skill to master, short turns is parallel turns that are taken quickly in succession, usually on narrow tracks. This grace technique allows you to complete the descent at a steady pace

Pro tip: Rotate your ski with your feet. A tight central posture and good edge movements enable all the movements of the feet and help keep the torso stable. Imagine driving through a small tunnel where you have a duck so you don’t hit your head. A useful exercise is parry hockey, which is essentially a parallel twist in a sideways motion until you stop. The ice hockey parade is the most effective way to become a parade because it provides the greatest possible resistance.

2. Sculpture

For speed enthusiasts, downhill with royal carving is one of the most elegant forms of skiing. The true edge to edge is mainly intended for a total opening

3. Acid

Skiing is an exciting and challenging experience but requires a high level of safety and control.

4. Difficult conditions

There are days when there is a lot of ice in the morning and as the day progresses the snow starts to melt and the paths can become uneven very quickly. Here are some tips from Nik that can help you improve your game.

Tip: Keep your speed low on icy slopes. Try to get the most out of the edges and support your weight on alpine skis. If necessary, you can always take the side glass on an ice-cold slope. In soft snow, the snow can move a lot, and then lumps begin to form. In light snow, however, the skis usually have a lot of control, as the edges can dig into the snow and you can use the bumps to start your next spin. Always keep your feet together.

5. Freestyle jump: switches, jumpers, tracks and boxes

Freestyle skiing is amazing and offers one of the biggest jumps you have ever seen in the snow. But how do you slip out of the way to jump out of the jumpers, slopes and crates in the snow park? The ability to back up or move is a very important manoeuvre.

6. Ski hump

To ski well with Schützen, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you are doing and be able to attack your claws with confidence. It is the highest discipline in skiing and can only be achieved through practice. To get through bumps, you need to master a tight turn.

7. Common errors

Follow back, follow, turn around – there are common mistakes people make when learning to ski. Here are three of the most common mistakes with tips on what to avoid.

Tip: If you move your centre of gravity back, you will quickly notice that your muscles and legs respond to you. A long position with long legs means that you do not have to squat as much and/or make strong cushioning or stretching movements, which makes you feel much less tired while skiing. Your weight should be forward so that your front ski can slide your best ski boots and push your ski evenly against the snow. Moving forward with your hands is a useful exercise. Many skiers follow an ascent (slope) at the end of a turn, creating an unstable situation because their balance is inside, uphill, not outside, downhill. Imagine having to press a red button outside the turn. The body should look out over the alpine skis with the shoulders at the same angle as the ski tips. Diving in the upper body is often an unconscious mistake that people do not really know they are making. To prevent this rotation, the inside of the shoulder should rotate more.

8. Skiing in fresh snow

The sound of fresh snow is undoubtedly the best feeling for skiing if you know what you are doing! The following gunpowder tips are designed to help you master the art of navigating the “deep things”.


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