How to Copy a Key with Clay

Having a spare key is helpful and will help you in the case you lose your key. That is why you should have a spare key with you all the time. For this purpose, you have to know how to make a duplicate key. There are many options to make a duplicate one effortlessly. If you are at home, you can make a key with clay by pinching it into the clay, which is commonly available at home. 

It is effortless to make a key, but you have to know how to copy a key with clay. If you have some time, you should call a locksmith service provider, but you should learn it to be ready for any emergency. Here you can learn to make it properly.

Step by Step Process

Step 1:

Cut the clay into two equal pieces with any sharp material or a knife, which will be available at home. You have to notice that both pieces are equal or not.

Step 2:

Put a little bit of pressure on the clay to warm it. Be gentle in this process. Don’t twist it or try it hard because it could break.

Step 3:

Now put one piece of clay into the key casting mold by pressing it. Now, press the clay, which has two pins vertically. Keep pressing until it is even with the surface of the mold. 

If some of its parts are left behind, then cut it off with the help of a knife. Run a plain card or any plain hard material to ensure that the key with clay is flat against the mold.

If you are feeling any trouble in this process, then you should call an automotive locksmith in Chicago to get their service at your home.

Step 4:

Now you have to repeat step 3 on the other half side of the key casting mold. Do the same as written in step 3. This process will help to make a key with clay.

Step 5:

Put talc powder on the surface of both molds and then blow off the powder left behind and does not stick with the clay.

Step 6:

The actual process begins now. Press the key into the clay which you want to make a copy of it. Put the other half piece of the mold on the key’s top and align the vertical pins properly in the appropriate holes.

Step 7:

Put a heavyweight on the mold for about half a minute. If you do not have any heavy material, then you can stand on it to put the pressure on. After that, pull the mold and remove the key with clay.

Casting the Key

Step 1:

Bind the mold together with a string or rubber band.

Step 2:

Now melt the alloy slug by holding it on a medium flame. After melting the metal, leave the ladle over the same flame for another half a minute. Warm the inside of the mold over the flame for just five seconds.

Step 3:

Pour the casting into the warm mold. Shake the mold rapidly so that the metal covers all the tiny nooks. Now, wait half an hour to make it solid.

Step 4:

Pick the mold up vertically and pull both sides to half apart. Put it on a flat surface by facing the clay upwards.

Step 5:

Pry it loose by putting a card in it but be careful in this process and protect yourself from the toxic material.

You can also visit any shop of lock repair and replacement in Chicago to get the help of professionals.

Other Methods:

There are many other methods for making a duplicate key on your own. You can learn another method here:

Emergency Key Making

Hold the Key

Hold the key from its backside and warm its teeth. You can use a burning candle or a lighter for this process. Move the key back and forth over the flame to turn the teeth black. It will take around two minutes for one side to get black.

You can use pliers to keep your fingers safe from burning by heat.

Piece of Tape

Cut a clear to a bit of big from the key size that will help you remove the tape easily. Press the tape carefully on the key and stick that piece of clear tape with the key to get the blackened sketch on the tape.

Remove the Tape

Remove the tape carefully after some moments and ensure that it does not crease or stick to its other end.

Use of Plastic Card

You need either an expiry credit/debit card or can also use a hard plastic card for this purpose. Stick that piece of tape with the card to imprint the shape of the key.

Cut the Card

Cut the card around the shape which is printed on it. Be mindful of cutting on the outline to keep the key’s teeth in the actual structure as the original key.

Try to Check it

Firstly, insert it into the lock politely and it does not get bent. Hold the key as close to the lock as you can after full insertion into the keyhole. However, turn it delicately to unlock the door but do not try that hard to turn the key because it may bend or break.

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