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How to Draw a Bird Step-by-step

How to Draw A Bird Step by Step

This tutorial explains the way to draw a bird from the side view in six illustrated steps. It’s going to be notably useful to beginner artists that area unit trying to observe with one thing fairly simple to draw. You can also see cool drawings.

Bird step by step drawing

The bird we are drawing for this tutorial could be a robin.

Step one – Bird Body Proportions

Bird body proportions drawing

Start your drawing by estimating the general proportions and form of the bird’s head and body. You would like to possess the and most important shapes 1st.

The reason to try to do this is often to avoid creating mistakes. As one part of the bird’s body is out of proportion compared to a different. It can even prevent having to get back quite you would like to just in case you are doing build a slip.

In this case, the body is going to be considerably larger than the pinnacle. The pinnacle can terribly loosely check one thing like an associate egg. The body can have a bigger curve at rock bottom with praise back.

Step two – Bird Wing & Tail Proportions

Birdwing and tail proportions drawing

Add the rough form of the wing and tail onto the sketch of the bird’s body. Once sunburst the wing can have a rounded base followed by a cone-like form obtaining narrower towards the tip. Draw it consequently.

Draw the tail a little bit wider because it gets far away from the body followed by a rounded tip.

Step three – Beak & Feet Proportions

Bird beak and feet drawing
Once you have got sketched out the foremost shapes of the body you’ll be able to move right down to the smaller components like the beak and legs.

Draw the beak with a sharp tip and its inner form kind of “cutting” into the pinnacle for concerning 1/3 of its length.

When drawing the legs confine in mind that the rear leg is going to be partly hidden behind the front leg. The rear leg ought to even be drawn slightly smaller because of perspective.


The base of the legs can have some little feathers around them happening to the joints. Draw these areas thicker than the remainder of the leg as kind of angular letter “U” like shapes.

From the joint right down to the toes the legs area unit just about straight. Draw that the front leg with 2 parallel lines and show part of the rear leg with only 1 line.

Generally, birds have 3 toes on the front of the leg and one on the rear. During this case, the way forward-facing toe on every leg is going to be hidden behind the opposite toes. Thus you’ll be able to solely show 2 per leg.

Step four – Eye & Details

Bird details drawing

Add the attention and alternative smaller details of the claws on the feet.

Draw the claws growing from the upper/front a part of the toes with 2 recurvate lines for every toe. These lines ought to be a part of the guidelines.

Draw the attention slightly to the left of the pinnacle associated to add a second form around it that essentially traces the form of the attention. This may indicate the bird’s eyelids.

Step five – Feather Proportions

Once you have got drawn out all of the body components produce some construction lines to outline the various sets of feathers. During this case, you simply want 2 lines on the body and 3 on the wing.

Step Sic – Limning

Now within the totally different sections of the body outlined by the development lines draw the assorted sets of feathers as shown on top of the example.

After you ‘finish with the feathers erase the development lines and end the bird drawing by going over it with darker.

You can conjointly fill within the eye with a solid black/pencil color however leave a little oval-formed space white for the highlight.


This is a reasonably easy tutorial that may assist you to produce a pleasant and elaborated drawing of a bird. If you’re a beginner it can even assist you to learn to attract the correct method by functioning from the larger proportions right down to the main points.

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