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How to Repair iPhone Battery – Complete Guide

Are you looking for an iPhone battery repair guide? This is a very prevalent problem among iPhone owners. The battery can be drained for a variety of reasons, some of which are technological and others which are due to human error. Our phone’s battery is quite important. We can’t do any digital duties like browsing the internet, calling, taking pictures, and so on without a charged battery. With this palm-sized device, we can digitally connect with people all over the world. As the time passes, the performance of our iPhone battery becomes low. 

You are reading this blog because you want to know the repair of the iPhone battery. Don’t worry you’re at the right place. Before giving it much thought, we may decide for our iPhone x battery replacement and begin looking for it online. You should read this blog post to save your money. There are some simple steps and an affordable tool kit to do your iPhone 8 plus battery replacement by yourself.

This article will teach you about, how to repair the iPhone battery yourself, some required tool kits for repairing your iPhone battery? Keep reading to learn all tips and repairing techniques.

Tips to Repair iPhone Battery by yourself:

  1. Cleaning:

Remove the battery from your phone. Do opening and closing of the phone case as per iPhone specification guidelines. This is very important to follow the brand user manuals for this kind of repair. Clean the whole empty section from where you took out the battery. Use a clean dry cloth to remove the dirt from inside and battery as well.

Don’t use wet cloth at all for cleaning battery and battery empty section. Now try to insert the battery back to his right place and turn on your phone. This may help to restore your iPhone back.

  1. Freezing:

Cover properly your phone battery with an old newspaper and wrap it using plastic material at least 2 times. If you don’t have plastic film then you can use tightly sealed plastic bag to inhibit it from getting wet. Place it in the freezer for 3 days and then take out it.  You should be very careful while unwrapping so that it kept dry. 

After this, leave your battery at room temperature for adjusting to normal temperature. Now place it back into the iPhone but don’t turn it on yet. Charge your iPhone and leave it for charging at least 48 hours. After completion of time turn your iPhone on. This may help you to get on your iPhone.

  1. Jumpstarting:

This step will be very helpful for the batteries that have either been left discharged for a longer time or reached the end of their life. This jumpstart method works well for these kinds of issues. You need to collect some components for doing this step. These components includes 9-volt battery, electrical tape, split wire and battery. After removing the battery connect and tape the wire to positive (+) end of the 9-volt battery. In similar procedure tape other wire to the negative (-) end of the 9-volt battery. 

Wait for 10 to 60 seconds, keep checking constantly so that it will not get overheat. Now remove all the connections whenever you can feel it little warm. Insert it back to the iPhone and check properly. Try to turn it on your if it works then hurry! Otherwise don’t lose confidence we have another method below try it.

  1. Calibrating:

In calibrating process you need to discharge your iPhone battery completely. Try it to on using whatever the battery left and let is turn off automatically. Connect your iPhone to the charger without turning it on. Leave it for full charging. Whenever it will fully charged turn on and restart it with new settings. This should be helping your iPhone to get work properly.

What Next? 

Unfortunately, your iPhone still not working properly then you should go for the repair. If you take long time to send your lovable device to repair it may damage in large extent. You may pay a huge amount and long time for resolving all the issues. You should search for best and reputed repair store in your local area or online. Many iPhone battery repair and iPhone x battery replacement store offers you a discount. You can compare the price and turnaround time then give your device to the store. As we all know that we can’t be survive a single minute without our iPhone. We all the day do many personal and professional tasks using it.   

How to select the best Repairing iPhone Battery store?

  1. Check to see if the facility has a sufficient number of client reviews.
  2. Identify the high-quality repairing components they employ.
  3. Consider the repair component’s price.
  4. Warranty
  5. Turnaround time
  6. Give the technician a detailed description of the situation.

Top 4 the Required Tool Kit for Repairing iPhone Battery: 

You should already have some of the necessary equipment on hand after purchasing the display, or you can purchase a few critical tools to do an iPhone 8 plus battery replacement. These tools are simple to find and may be obtained on a number of different websites. We must use caution when using these instruments to avoid causing greater damage than in the previous situation.

There are several Tool Kits available:

  1. Kaisi 139 in 1 Repair Tool Kit:

This 139-piece kit can be used for electronics and home improvement projects. Spiders, tweezers, small knives, brushes, rulers, and cleaning cloths are among the many necessary instruments included in this package for removing dust from the smallest areas and holes of electronics devices.

  1. Johncase 18 Pcs Professional Repair Tool Kit:

It’s essentially a more advanced version of the basic repair tool kit. For removing the display of iPhones, iPhones, PCs, and laptops, it comes with five colorful screwdrivers, tweezers, a suction cup, and an air blower. This kit is ideal for iPhone 8 plus battery replacement.

  1. WIREHARD 6 in 1 Tool Kit:

It’s used to save space while yet offering all of the tools needed to repair electrical devices. There are 56 magnetic bits in this set, as well as six different tools. The component is made entirely of heavy-duty steel and is incredibly durable.

  1. Royace Screwdriver Kit:

 This is very handy for fixing any electronic gadget, such as iPhones, iPhones, and other devices. It’s a 119-piece package that includes a full set of small magnet pads for storing all screw and hard extenders. It facilitates the execution of flexible chores that are difficult to reach with a screwdriver, such as replacing an iPhone’s screen.

Final Words

For your iPhone, long battery life is critical. If you use the suggestions above to repair the battery you will be greatly aided. You can use your gadget for a long time if you take care of it as soon as possible. This will also save you money. If the suggestions above don’t work for your battery, you should go to Esource Parts, our official website. On our website, you can find the most up-to-date specifications for the iPhone 8 plus battery replacement and purchase it right away. We also offer certain discounts and fantastic deals on iPhone x battery replacement. So get moving! And now is the time to go.

Thank you for reading!

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