Epson Printer Filter Failed

How to Resolve Epson Printer Filter Failed on Mac Error?

Epson is a Japanese electronic industry and known for manufacturing printer devices. A wide range of Epson printers is available for businesses and home use. It also manufactures multi-functional printers. These gadgets are easy to set up and use. But few of the Epson users reported that they are getting Epson Printer Filter Failed issues while using the printer.

Troubleshooting Epson Printer Filter Failed Error:


Restart the Mac

When the printer filter is showing the error, you should restart the system. The error mainly occurs when your Epson can’t find the required resources. When the user is running multiple programs than the system, many of the resources are occupied. When the printer can’t find the resource, it starts showing the error message. Close all the applications on your Mac device and restart it. Now open the document on Mac and try to take the printout with the Epson device.

Inspect your Epson Driver

Filter errors can appear on the printer when the driver is not working correctly. You should inspect the installed printer driver on the device. If the driver is showing an error then getting Epson communication error Mac is very common. You have to repair the driver on your Mac. But repairing the printer driver on the system manually is difficult. Instead of repairing manually or using the driver repair tool; reinstall it. Users should remove the corrupted Epson driver from the system. Search for the driver on the web and then download it. Run the setup to install your Epson driver and then check for your error. 

Scan the system for Malware

The printer faces a filter error when it can’t find the command correctly. The error can occur due to malware infection. Mac is a secured OS but there are various threats that can enter the system and corrupt your processes. When the printer is not working, run the scan. Open the security program of the system and then run it. Scan the whole device and then try to take your printing with Epson.

Reconnect the Printer to PC

Sometimes, reconnecting the printer can also solve filter-related issues. Detach the cable from the printer and then connect it carefully. Close all programs on the Mac and go to the print wizard. Hit on the print option and now check for the error. When Epson is connected to the network, check the router. Turn off the WPS pin and disable the Wi-Fi button. Enable the Wi-Fi button and check the blinking lamp. Now enable the WPS and wait until the Epson printer finds the network. Once the printer is connected, go to the Mac which is connected to the same network. Open the document and give the print command. 

Remove the Pending Print jobs

The pending print jobs can also get the Epson device into error. When Epson shows the filter error, check the pending jobs. If you have lots of pending jobs then you should remove all of them.

  1. Close all apps on Mac device
  2. Click on the Apple menu and hit on System Preferences
  3. Tap on the Printers & Scanners option
  4. Hit on your Epson printer 
  5. You will see all the pending print jobs
  6. Select the print jobs and tap on the Cancel button

After cancelling the pending jobs, go to the Mac and give a new command. 

Reinstall the Cartridge

Many times, the printer starts showing the error when it can’t find the cartridge. If the filter error is appearing after installing the cartridge then check it carefully. After installing the cartridges in the slot, the status still shows empty. For fixing this error, you should empty all the slots. Remove all cartridges and then all the slots should show empty status. Now, start installing the cartridges. When you install your new cartridge, it will show available status and now your Epson will start working.

Delete junk files from Mac

Users can face errors while running Epson on Mac due to the junk. You should remove all the junk files on the system to resolve the error. Go to the finder and press cmd+shift+G. Type ~/Library/Caches and you will see the cache files folder. Delete all the files. Users may get an admin wizard, enter the password and remove all files. Reopen a document and take your printout.

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