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Individual success factors

A few more words about the individual success factors. Because not everyone can go the same when it comes to muscle mass. “write my paper” How quickly and how much muscle mass someone can gain depends on the following factors:


Nobody can build new muscle mass as quickly as young men between 15 and 25 years of age because their testosterone release is greatest. Young women are also in a better position than older women, as the older they get, it takes longer to recover from training. Exactly from which age one should start heavy strength training is very individual and depends on the respective degree of maturity; however, growth should be complete. Many successful strength athletes and bodybuilders started training at a very young age.

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Moderate strength training that focuses on correct technique and is mainly carried out with your body weight, on the other hand, can already be completed by children, for example in a gymnastics club. There is no upper limit: You can and should do strength training all your life to slow down the natural muscle breakdown, keep your bones strong, relieve the joints, and stay mobile overall.

Hormonal environment

The hormonal environment is closely related to age. Testosterone plays a key role in building muscle, which is why men generally build more muscle faster than women. The testosterone level is not only regulated by age, the amount of sleep, stress, regular strength training, and other things also play a role. In addition to testosterone, other hormones also have a beneficial effect on muscle building, such as insulin and growth hormones.


Each body is composed in a unique way, which is why some people are more likely to build muscle than others. For example, some people have more muscle fibers than others. [14] Since we cannot form new fibers in the course of muscle building (hyperplasia), but rather thicken the fibers present from birth (hypertrophy), the individual amount of muscle fibers limits the potential muscle mass. 

In addition, every person has a different distribution of white and red muscle fibers. The general rule is: the more white, fast-twitching fibers a person has, the more muscle he can develop (“ sprinter type ”). On the other hand, those who have relatively many red fibers are more of the ” marathon type ” and will find it difficult to build muscle.

This also shows, by the way, why a young age has a positive effect on muscle building: With age, the proportion of red fibers increases, i.e. the muscle-building potential decreases. Unfortunately, through training, you can turn white fibers into red, but not red fibers into white. 


As already mentioned, men produce more of the muscle-building hormone testosterone than women, which ensures that they can build more muscle faster and develop more strength. In women, muscle building is more strongly regulated by other hormones (growth hormones, insulin, and insulin-like growth factors). Women also have fewer and thinner muscle fibers. These genetic differences are mainly reflected in the different strength and muscle mass of the upper body.

Starting level/training age

The body cannot build up unlimited muscle mass. The higher the starting level, the less muscle mass can be developed until the genetic limit is reached. In addition, the higher the training age, the slower the build-up of new muscle mass takes place.

Muscle memory/rebuilding

Humans have remarkably good muscle memories. This means: If muscle mass is lost, it can be built up again relatively quickly. Building muscle mass that you have never owned before takes a lot longer.

Anabolic steroids

If anabolic steroids were not effective, they would not be on the doping list as “performance-enhancing substances”. The fact is: There are a variety of chemical aids that significantly accelerate muscle growth and also ensure that the achievable muscle mass far exceeds a natural level.

Therefore, a healthy amount of skepticism is always in order when engaging in weight training-fitness-bodybuilding. Under no circumstances should you measure your progress against that of people who, given their very slim, but extremely muscular body, may not be “natural”, as the scene says.

The necessary mindset

People who fail to build muscle fail by themselves. Despite genetic differences, everyone can build muscles and develop a body that can be described as “muscular” – this also applies to so-called ” hard gainers “. But how should you be prepared if you want to do well-functioning muscle-building training?

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Muscle building is a lengthy, complex, and sometimes painful process and is not “fun” in the classic sense. If you are one of those people who like to play sport and do it in groups or clubs, you will probably find it difficult to do systematic strength training regularly and over a long period. Sure, the exercises and training plans are varied from time to time, but there is no such thing as surprise, drama, victory frenzy, or team feeling in muscle-building training.

People who are successful in bodybuilding or fitness training derive most of their motivation from themselves and accept that progress is very slow. “paper writer” They also appreciate the strong structure of everyday life, which is an inevitable part of strength training, and do not perceive it as a limitation.

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