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Industrial Rolling shutters: basic information, types, and customization

Basic introduction

Rolling shutters, security shutters, cooling doors, roller doors, or sectional overhead doors are a few other names for our good old roller shutters. This is a type of door or window consisting of many horizontal slats, bars, or web systems hinged together. It is raised with handles to open pulled down to close in case of smaller sizes. On very large and heavy doors this action of opening and closing could be motorized. These shutters are ideal to protect against rain, wind, fire, and theft. Industrial rolling shutters are the most rigid and strongest out of all other contemporary rolling shutters. It’s used in industries and warehouses as doors that provide security and convenient usability.

Types of industrial rolling shutters

We have these shutters available in a variety of forms depending upon the need of the customer:

  • The built-on roller shutter doors are designed in such a way that the roller shutter box is attached to the exterior part of the warehouse.
  • Built-in roller shutters are fixed into the interior panel of the window
  • An integrated roller shutter is the one in which the curtain part and the shutter part are combined as a single unit
  • The operation of manual roller shutters is achieved through a kind of handle with a crank.
  • The operation of Spring-assist roller shutters is achieved by manually moving the handle which is attached to the curtain side of the rolling shutter. This comes in as an easy solution for small warehouses or industries when it comes to cost-effectiveness.
  • Motorised / Electric roller shutters are attached with a tubular motor fitted inside the roller assembly. Because it is automated a various number of functions can be added like controlling with smartphones, remote, or hardwire switches. This type is the most popular because of the least amount of human interference.

Main customizations

Industrial roller shutter doors are the most rigid and sturdiest types of shutter doors. They are mostly mechanized or automated but they can be made to work manually too. It can be custom-made, fitting to the demand of the person who wants them installed, and are easy to manufacture according to the dimensions provided. They provide high levels of thermal insulation and in fact, can be of single or multilayer depending upon the amount of thermal insulation required. Here are the different customization options available with industrial roller shutters :

  • Safety mechanism: Because most of the industrial roller shutters are automatic, safety mechanisms must be installed so that if the protocols are breached the shutters don’t start malfunctioning and provide harm to the workers.
  • Operation mechanisms: This customization includes the total amount of operations provided in the roller shutter. This includes smart-tech like controlling through smartphones or having a pre-installed concept of IoT (Internet of things). Which allows voice control of the doors.
  • Glazing and finish: Not a customization, rather a necessity glazing and finishing the shutter door is of utmost importance as it ensures that the shutter is strong enough to bear the brunt of the forces applied on it. Also, it improves the aesthetic of the door concerning the warehouse.


This article provides some information about the basic definition, types, and customization of industrial rolling shutters. Industrial Rolling shutter prices can be estimate by deciding the type of shutter required and the customization installed. The different types of rolling shutters provide clarity as to what the customer wants and the reference customizations help them in making a good decision. As to which industrial rolling shutter best serves their requirements.

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