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Industry Spotlight Telemedicine APP & Its Advantages

In today’s fast-paced digital milieu, telemedicine is like a boon for patients and healthcare providers. There is a plethora of virtual capabilities to explore when it comes to the importance of telemedicine. In general, primary care, health consultations, mental health sessions, fitness and meditation appointments are some of the traditional use cases of telemedicine. The popularity of telemedicine has been rising at a rapid pace, given the latest development of telemedicine communications. A telemedicine app has full potential to bridge the gap between patients and efficient healthcare. In this article, we shall discuss the definition of telemedicine app and its multiple benefits.

What is telemedicine? – Definition & History 

According to the American Telemedicine Association – “Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.” Telemedicine is also known as e-medicine. With telemedicine, healthcare providers can evaluate and treat patients without in-person physical appointments. Telemedicine is one medium which is making healthcare extremely efficient for patients as they can seek medical help from anywhere at any point of time.

According to WHO, the origin of telemedicine can be traced back to the mid to late 19th century. Around the early 20th century, it was for the first time that electrocardiograph data were transmitted over telephone wires. The modern age of telemedicine started in the 1960s.

Telemedicine offers a great amount of convenience to patients and healthcare providers by eliminating the necessity for a physical visit to gain medical treatment and diagnosis. This makes it highly cost-effective and patient-friendly, thereby, improving the efficiency of the healthcare sector. Want to learn more about benefits of telemedicine app, Keep reading!

Telemedicine Benefits and Use Cases

Telemedicine makes healthcare modern and effective in many different ways. It has a multitude of advantages. Let us take a close look at some of them.

Makes Primary Care Evaluation Easy 

Telemedicine makes healthcare accessible to all via phone call communications. The patient can seek the doctor’s advice about non-emergency medical issues. Primary care evaluation does not need face to face consultation.

Helps Patients Avail Preoperative Consultation 

Telemedicine makes preoperative consultation easier for patients. They can virtually connect with the doctors and understand all the important self-care steps that can increase the success chances of their surgery. Telemedicine also enables doctors to quickly assess the fitness of the patient to have surgery.

Makes Post-Operative Consultation Hassle-Free

Post-operative care turns easier with telemedicine. Patients can receive high-quality care and quick consultations via frequent video visits with doctors and other healthcare providers. It saves them from long waiting periods and unnecessary hospital costs.

Gives way to Effective Patient Monitoring 

Telemedicine opens the door to remote healthcare monitoring. It allows healthcare professionals to track a patient’s health conditions and recovery process without physical visits and appointments. Telemedicine is quite beneficial when it comes to treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes.

Facilitates Pre-Appointment Check-in

With the help of telemedicine, patients can book their appointments virtually without having to stand in long queues. One can directly call or check out the available slots online to set up an appointment.

Brings Fitness experts to Patients via Quick Virtual Methods 

Telemedicine enables patients to connect with health experts online and enroll for fitness sessions. Fitness experts and physicians can offer real-time consultations via video conferencing.

Makes Meditation and Wellness Sessions Accessible to Everyone 

Telemedicine serves as a vantage point when it comes to the access of meditation classes for patients. They can connect with world-class professional meditation trainers from anywhere at any given point of time.

Provides Access to Psychiatric Consultations 

Telemedicine has a branch known as telepsychiatry that enables direct interaction between a psychiatrist and patient. It offers a range of services such as psychiatric evaluations, therapy, patient’s medication management and others.

Health Insurance Management with Telemedicine 

Many telemedicine apps have a comprehensive section for health insurance for patients. They can easily avail such health covers online with telemedicine.

Helps Health Providers Access Medical Information and History 

With telemedicine, healthcare providers can easily access a patient’s medical history and other relevant information. They can share patient reports online.

Enables Medical Device Consultation 

Patients can get in touch with doctors and other healthcare professionals for consultations on the right medical devices for their healthcare needs.

Facilitates Medical Imaging 

With telemedicine, various medical imaging processes such as X-ray radiography, MRI and others are possible now, leading to effective digital treatment.

Enhances Medical Education 

Telemedicine can be leveraged as a platform to educate and train medical students. Students can easily connect with healthcare experts to gain vital medical knowledge.

How does Telemedicine Work and Function?  

Telemedicine is positively changing the communication patterns between healthcare providers and patients. It helps them connect seamlessly and interact without hassles. Service providers can communicate with patients in real-time, perform patient monitoring and conduct multiple sessions online.

You can access telemedicine via different devices such as mobiles, computers and others. Telemedicine has video conferencing options that make doctor-patient interaction much easier, giving way to efficient virtual diagnosis and treatment.

Why Telemedicine Crucial in is today’s times? 

As discussed earlier, telemedicine provides a plethora of benefits both to the patients as well as doctors. It tends to increase patient satisfaction, enhance healthcare efficiency and alleviate healthcare costs.

Quick view of telemedicine benefits for patients and doctors: 

  • Increases profit for hospitals and healthcare providers
  • Increases health appointments
  • Reduces waiting period
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface
  • Enables quick sharing of medical information and many more

So, the best part about telemedicine is the extreme convenience that it tends to offer. Given the dominance of the digital age, healthcare should leverage telemedicine to make way for efficient medical facilities.

Latest Challenges in Telemedicine 

The biggest challenge that telemedicine faces is related to privacy and security. It is essential to work towards providing security solutions such as HIPAA compliant chat api and patient engagement. Apart from privacy, there are many tech-related challenges in telemedicine. Some of them being site-reliability, scalability, and others. Poor interface is also one of the major shortcomings of telemedicine platforms. However, telemedicine providers realize the relevance of user retention and spend adequate resources to mitigate such problems.

Looking Forward to Building a Telemedicine APP? 

Have you been planning to create a telemedicine app of your own that come with hipaa compliance? It is important to take note of the different benefits of telemedicine and make sure to include those beneficial features in the app. There are various telemedicine API providers in the market that can help you in building your app. Also, privacy protection should be one of your major concerns while creating your app. Make sure to integrate end-to-end encryption and promote patient satisfaction.

We hope our article helped you understand the essential concepts related to telemedicine. Right comprehension of the importance of telemedicine can help you craft the best telemedicine application.  What are you waiting for? Start your process of building a secure and efficient telemedicine app today.

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