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Patients Receive IVF Injections for How Many Days in 2021

Patients Receive IVF Injections for How Many Days? It is the most common question of every woman who is going for an IVF treatment. Women feel receiving injections like the most challenging part of the IVF cycle. Usually, patients receive IVF injections for 8-10 days. However, there are also some cases in which patients receive more than that. So there is no clear answer. It depends upon person to person.

The more no. of injections you receive, the more your expenses increase. Injections are very costly, so you must try prices at the various hospitals. If you want an affordable treatment, then we recommend you to try Aastha fertility. It is located in Jaipur city, and they give the most affordable IVF treatment cost in Jaipur.

When do IVF injections start? Usually, IVF injections start a day before your IVF cycle. Women receive IVF injections for 8-10 days, but these days are harrowing. No doubt, the nine months of pregnancy are lovely. But in these 8 to 9 days of IVF injections, you will feel all kinds of experiences. There will be some moments where you will feel like nothing. You will not be aware of what you are doing. But don’t be very stressed. These 8-9 days of IVF injections will be challenging, but everything will be fine after that.

Are IVF Injections feel Painful?

Patients receive IVF injections for only a few days, but these days are harrowing. You can call these days the most challenging days of the whole IVF procedure. Nothing is more painful than giving injections to ourselves. During IVF, you have to inject thick needle injections into yourselves. Sometimes these are injected into your hip, sometimes thigh, or somewhere else.

The doctor insists on changing the position because it helps to reduce swelling in a particular region. However, there are many practices that you can use to get rid of swelling. For example, you can take the help of your husband to get easy injections. In addition, if you can divert your mind, then injections can be less painful for you. To distract, you can listen to music during the days of IVF injection. It will help you.

Side effects of IVF injections

There are scarce chances of having side effects from injections, But sometimes it may happen. However, your doctor will tell you about the side effects you may face during IVF injection days. There are some most common side effects which almost all patients face due to injections.


It is a widespread side effect that almost everybody faces during IVF injection days. It would be best if you were not very annoyed with swelling because it may occur due to the regular injections at one site. You can change the injections sites for fast relief. If then also you are facing swelling, then you must consult your doctor.

Mood Swing

It is another common side effect that occurs during IVF injection days. You will feel that feeling that you ever felt before. You can avoid these side effects by being relaxed and calm. For example, if you are bored at home, you can go to the shopping mall or you can do some yoga practices. It will not only help you from side effects but will also give you happy moments of life.


Headache is a common problem which almost everybody faces in their life. But these problems became regular during IVF injection days.

Irritability & Nausea

You may face irritability and nausea during these days. Do not take pills without the doctor’s consultation. These are very common so take it lightly.

Precautions During IVF Injections

These are some standard precautions that you must take while taking IVF injections. You will find hundreds of precautions on the internet, but it is not possible to follow all of them. So we have given only two standard but most essential precautions for IVF injection days.

Take a Healthy Diet

There may be a possibility that you are not a health-conscious person. But during IVF injection days, you must have to be health-conscious and take a healthy diet. You can also take a diet schedule from your doctor. Your doctor will suggest you the best diet which includes all the essential macro and micro nutrients.

Say No to Alcohol & Smoking

You can drink alcohol, but it is better to avoid it during these 8-9 days of IVF injection treatment. Smoking can also lead to adverse effects on the results.

Final Say

To conclude the article, patients receive IVF injections for 8-10 days. These injections can be painful at your mental and physical levels. Nevertheless, if you follow the above-discussed precautions, it will help you. However, it is not expert advice, so you must consult a good doctor for accurate information.

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