Know About Continental Tyres

With more than 150 years of experience in the tyres industry, Continental tyres have offered reliable and safe tyre solutions to millions of customers worldwide. Continental strives for excellence, providing premium-quality tyres for all types of cars and models at affordable prices. Continental diligently examines every minute detail, different choice of material and the innovation in the tyre industry to give the best to the customers. The tyres offer confidence, safety as well as reassurance to tackle any road or terrain. German engineered and tested thoroughly; all the tyres are carefully checked before offering it to the users. Moreover, tyres by Continental score top marks in independent tests for quality and safety worldwide, proving its efficacy to improve handling and provide the best on and off-road experience. Explore a wide range of tyres by Continental, and select the one which best suits your requirements.

Different Types of Car Tyres Airdrie Offered By Continental-

Summer tyres by Continental-

The wide range of Summer tyres from Continental enables superiors driving experience in temperatures above seven*C. The latest tread pattern design and special rubber compound provide maximum stability even at high speeds. These tyres are environmentally friendly and assist in reducing fuel consumption along with CO2 emissions while driving. Safely make every twist or turn without compromising your safety with the help of optimised grip patterns. Also, summer tyres offer dependable braking performance, irrespective of the weather. Multiple technologies and features offered by different summer tyres make it perfect to handle the intense heat of the summers. From enhanced footprint design to Macroblock technology for improved control, these tyres make certain you get a comfortable driving experience. 

The most famous Summer tyres by Continental include-

  • SportContact™ 6
  • EcoContact™ 6 Q
  • PremiumContact™ 6
  • EcoContact™ 6
  • ContiSportContact™ 5 P
  • ContiEcoContact™ 5
  • ContiPremiumContact™ 5

Winter Tyres by Continental

Get the best control while manoeuvring over snowy and icy roads with the high-quality winter tyres by Continental available for all types of budgets. The tyres are resistant to aquaplaning and offer superior wet braking performance in cold temperatures. Apart from this, these tyres can cover long distances while lowering your fuel consumption in winters. Features like reduced rolling resistance, increased mileage, high steering precision, dry handling performance and a high number of blocks make this tyre perfect for the coldest time of the year. Also, the special rubber compound used in winter tyres lets them remain pliable in cold temperatures and makes them less susceptible to wear and tear without compromising your safety. 

The most famous Winter tyres by Continental include-

  • WinterContact™ TS 870
  • ContiWinterContact™ TS 850
  • WinterContact™ TS 860
  • WinterContact™ TS 860 S
  • ContiWinterContact™ TS 830
  • ContiWinterContact™ TS 830 P
  • WinterContact™ TS 850 P

All-Season tyres by Continental

Get the most convenient set of tyres for reliable all-year-round performance. Stay in control of your vehicle with these all-season tyres that provide versatile performance and save you time and the hassle of getting new tyres every season. With reliable gripping and braking performance, these tyres can perform well in moderate weather conditions and offer superior comfort and driving efficiency. 

The most famous All-Season tyres by Continental include-

  • AllSeasonContact™

Why buy Continental Tyres Airdrie?

  • Longevity: Tyres by Continental last longer than normal regular units and are less susceptible to premature wear and tear. 
  • Improved Performance: Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with a set of high-quality tyres that will offer the best control and safety.
  • Environment Friendly: Reduce fuel consumption, increase mileage, and lower CO2 emissions while driving with these ingenious tyres. 
  • Budget-friendly: Continental stocks a range of tyres ideal for any car and available at affordable prices. 
  • Innovation: Continental continuously performs research and development in the tyres industry and strives to offer the best. 
  • Experienced: More than 150 years of experience has made Continental a global pioneer in the tyre manufacturing industry. 

If you are still in doubt, contact a certified professional who can inform and help you suggest the right tyres for your vehicle. 

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